Register of Officers of the National Guard and Naval Militia of California

This book provides some insight into the National Guard and Naval Militia in California in 1917. We have listed only the people who served and not the structure of the military. In some cases there were blank lines where it was thought there should be another officer, they were removed. The book does not provide information as to the dates after the names, we can only guess it is the date of the start of their service.

Naval Militia of California

Naval Militia of California Capt. George W. Bauer, Commanding, San Francisco, 10-17-03. Commander John A. McGee, Chief of Staff, San Francisco. 8-18-16. Commander Geo. E. Kammerer, First Battalion, San Francisco, 8-18-16. Commander Alonzo H. Woodbine, Second Battalion, Los Angeles, 8-18-16. Lieut. Com. Thomas B. W. Leland, Chief Surgeon, San Francisco, 5-6-07. Lieut. Com. Wm. Speck, …

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Alphabetical List of Officers

The following list is a register of officers of the National Guard and Naval Militia of California during the year 1917. Adams, Adolph B., Lieut., 5th Division, Naval Militia, Eureka. Adams, Morgan, Lieut. and Navigator, 2d Battalion, Naval Militia, Los Angeles. Alexander, Jacob, Major, Adjutant General’s Department, Sacramento. Alexander, Clyde C., 2d Lieut., Battery B, …

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Second Coast Defense Command

Second Coast Defense Command. Colonel Harry B. Light, Los Angeles, 10-11-16. Lieutenant Colonel, Ralph L. Kruger, Los Angeles, 10-11-16. Major Frank R. McReynolds, Willow Brook, 10-11-16. Major G. Mettler, Watts, 10-11-16. Major John H. J. Cunningham, Los Angeles, 10-11-16. Staff. Capt. Harry L. Powell, Jr., Adjutant, Los Angeles, 10-11-16. Capt. Thomas J. Golding, Quartermaster, Los …

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Location of Headquarters and Armories of Organizations

Location of Headquarters and Armories of Organizations, National Guard of California. Headquarters, First Brigade, Exposition Park, Los Angeles. Armory, Co. A, Engineer Corps, Twelfth and W Sts., Sacramento. Armory, Co. B, Engineer Corps, 622 E. 8th St., Los Angeles. Armory, Co. B, Signal Corps, Fourteenth and Mission Sts., San Francisco. Headquarters, Second Infantry, Room 3, …

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Governor through Ordnance Department California National Guard

William D. Stephens, Governor and Commander-In-Chief, Sacramento Staff Departments and Corps. Adjutant General’s Department. The Adjutant General Brigadier General, James J. Borree, Sacramento, 12-16-16 Assistant to the Adjutant General. Lieutenant-Colonel, Herbert R. Fay, Sacramento, 3-6-17. Adjutants General. Major, Raymond I. Follmer, Los Angeles, 4-15-09. Major, Jacob Alexander, Sacramento, 8-27-15. Inspector General’s Department. Major, Charles W. …

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First Brigade, Company B, Second Infantry

First Brigade Brigadier General Robert Wankowski ( 1 1-10-03) Commanding. Headquarters, Los Angeles. Adjutant Major Raymond I. Follmer, Adjutant General, Los Angeles, 4-15-09. Corps Of Engineers. Company A. Capt. Jay A. Given, Sacramento, 3-24-16. 1st Lt. Alexander M. Barton, Bakersfield, 7-21-16. 1st Lt. 2d Lt. Wallace A. Mason, Sacramento, 11-16-16. Company B. Capt. James Irvine, …

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Fifth and Seventh Infantry, California National Guard

Fifth Infantry Field and Staff: Col. Leon C. Francis, Commanding, Oakland, 4-3-17 Lt. Col. Leonard M. Farrell, San Jose, 4-3-16 Major Laurence S. O’Toole, Berkeley, 1-30-16. Major Joshua B. Dickson, Petaluma, 6-26-16. Capt. William K. Carswell, Adjt., San Quentin, 9-5-16. Capt. Louis J. Nissen, Q. M., Livermore, 9-14-15. Capt. Frederick A. Marriott. Com., Palo Alto, …

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Coast Artillery Corps

Coast Artillery Corps Col. Henry G. Mathewson, Commanding. 1st Coast Defense Command. Colonel Henry G. Mathewson, Alameda, 2-5-16. Major Chas. J. Mund, San Francisco, 5-14-11. Major Richard E. Mittelstaedt, San Francisco, 5-13-15. Major William H. Mallett, Oakland, 2-5-16. Staff. Capt. Allen G. Wright, Adjutant, San Francisco, 10-16-12. Capt. Martin C. Walton, Jr., Quartermaster, Oakland, 11-3-16. …

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Cavalry and Field Artillery

First Squadron Of Cavalry Major Commanding. Headquarters, Sacramento. Staff. 1st Lt. David E. Barney, Adjutant, Sacramento, 4-10-14. 2d Lt. Harry R. Gimbal, Q. M. & Com., Sacramento, 10-30-14. Troop A 2d Lt. Gilbert S. F. Davies, Bakersfield, 5-4-16. Troop B. Capt. Henry H. Sydenham, Sacramento, 1-17-13. 2d Lt. Geo. W. Calvert, Sacramento, 11-12-15. Troop C. …

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