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Biography of James A. Anderson of Lodi, California

James A. Anderson, a well known and successful fruit grower and shipper at Lodi, is one of the old-timers in the fruit business of California. Mr. Anderson came to California from Missouri, in Livingston county of which state he was born January 4, 1849. His parents were James and Margaret (Austin) Anderson, his father a native of Indiana, and of Scotch extraction, and his mother a native of Tennessee.

Title Page vol 1 The New California

Biography of Eugene Aram of Sacramento, California

Eugene Aram, a prominent lawyer of Sacramento, is certainly one of the very oldest living native sons of California, with whose business, professional and political affairs he has been identified to a degree most honorable and creditable to an eldest son. He was born at Monterey, in what is now the state of California, on January 26, 1848. Mr. Aram was married in 1875 to Miss Lizzie Jasper, a daughter of J. M. C. Jasper, of Wheatland, Yuba county.

Title Page vol 1 The New California

Biography of William Alexander Anderson of Sacremento California

Judge Anderson is a native of Wisconsin, his birth having occurred at Mineral Point, that state, on the 25th of February, 1846. He was a son of Hartford and Susan Anderson, who became pioneer residents of California, settling in this state at the period of its early mining development. Judge Anderson has been twice married, and by the first union had one son, Osmer W. Anderson, who was born August 23, 1871, and who was for two years a volunteer soldier in the Philippines.

Biography of Charles Edward Adams

Charles Edward Adams, proprietor of a hay and feed store at Nos. 1108 and 1110 J street in Sacramento, was born in Randolph county, Illinois, on the 28th of March, 1841. He was seven years of age at the time of his parents’ removal to New Orleans, and in 1853 the family took passage on a steamer at that port bound for California. The family home was established in Sacramento.

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