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Biography of John W. Barton of El Monte California

John W. Barton, pioneer rancher, located in the vicinity of El Monte in the ‘80’s and engaged in the cultivation of an extensive ranch of between fifteen hundred and eighteen hundred acres, in the meantime improving and developing a homestead of twenty-four acres. He met with success in his efforts, acquired a competence, and won a place among the loyal and public-spirited citizens of the locality.

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Biography of Chester R. Barton of El Monte, California

One of the successful and enterprising citizens of Los Angeles County was Chester R. Barton, who located in El Monte, and the surrounding country, operating as an extensive rancher. He was a native Californian, his birth having occurred in Solano County, July 16, 1855. His father, John W. Barton was born in Vermont, the Representatives of an old New England family located in this country by an English Ancestor prior to the Revolution.

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