The Madera County Historian, Volume 2, Issue 2

The Madera County Historian documents the history of Madera County and was published by the Madera Historical Society beginning in 1961. This is issue 2 of volume 2, was published in April of 1962 and totaled 8 pages.

The issue starts out with an article by Archie Marston concerning the beginnings of the town of Chowchilla, California. Marston deals with the “legends” of the Chowchilla area, properly placing them each in their place before he discusses the real story of Chowchilla and the dreams of one man, Orlando Alison Robertson, the “Father of Chowchilla.”. On page 3 mention is made of Wallace Smith’s Garden of the Sun which is available online at HaithTrust. The Garden of the Sun is a great history of the San Joaquin Valley, but was written in the 1930’s, so the language may tread on some modern readers sensibilities. The quote referred by Marston can be found on page 414. Mention is made of some early families in the area.

The second shorter article in this issue was written by Gertrude Hopper and she shares her experiences in settling the area at the base of Indian Peak about 1927.

The last page of this issue provides two old photos from the collection of Mrs. John O’Neal. At the top was the Madera-Crane Valley Stage stopping at the Spring Valley Store. The bottom is a photo of John O’Neal on the near wheeler driving his “Jerk Line” team. The O’Neal ranch house appears in the trees in the background.

Table of Contents:

  • Chowchilla Beginnings by Archie E. Marston
  • Indian Peak by Gertrude Hopper

Digital Book:


Original: Various authors, The Madera County Historian, quarterly, Volume 2, Issue 2, April 1962; Madera California: Madera County Historical Society, 1962.
Digitization made possible by Sierra Historic Sites Association and California Revealed. Files hosted at InternetArchive.

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