Cavalry and Field Artillery

First Squadron Of Cavalry

Commanding. Headquarters, Sacramento.

1st Lt. David E. Barney, Adjutant, Sacramento, 4-10-14.
2d Lt. Harry R. Gimbal, Q. M. & Com., Sacramento, 10-30-14.

Troop A
2d Lt. Gilbert S. F. Davies, Bakersfield, 5-4-16.

Troop B.
Capt. Henry H. Sydenham, Sacramento, 1-17-13.
2d Lt. Geo. W. Calvert, Sacramento, 11-12-15.

Troop C.
1st Lt. Bert E. Underwood, Salinas, 3-16-16.

Troop D.
Capt. James Gunn, Los Angeles, 10-11-07.
1st Lt. Ray Rogers, Los Angeles, 11-21-13.
2d Lt. Levin A. Howland, Los Angeles, 11-21-13.

Officer of Medical Corps attached:
Capt. Eldridge C. Turner, Surgeon, Sacramento, 6-6-16.
Veterinarian: Julian P. Nichols, Salinas, 9-19-13.

First Battalion Of Field Artillery.

Major Ralph J. Faneuf (12-29-12),
Commanding. Headquarters, Oakland.

Capt. Frederick W. H. Petersen, Adjutant, Oakland, 9-14-05.

Battery A.
Capt. Jesse McComas, Los Angeles, 2-2-15.
1st Lt. Harold G. Ferguson, Los Angeles, 6-1-15.
1st Lt. Walter Luer, Los Angeles, 6-1-15.
2d Lt. Robert W. Yates, Los Angeles, 6-1-15.
2d Lt. Fredrick H. Hover, Los Angeles, 6-1-15.

Battery B.
Capt. Harry F. Huber, Oakland, 1-22-13.
1st Lt. Edward E. Vicary, Oakland, 1-22-13. 1st Lt
2d Lt. Howard W. Enefer, Oakland, 1-22-13.
2d Lt. Clyde C. Alexander, Oakland. 2-24-15.

Battery C.
Capt. Edward Van Vranken, Stockton, 8-24-14.
1st Lt. Otto E. Sandman, Stockton, 12-14-12.
2d Lt. Chas. A. Reyner, Stockton, 2-15-16.

Officer of Medical Corps attached:
Capt. Edouard S. Loizeaux, Surgeon, Sacramento, 6-18-14.
Veterinarian: James A. Hill, Oakland, 10-9-13.

California National Guard and Naval Militia

Source: Register of Officers of the National Guard and Naval Militia of California, 1917

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