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Biography of Charles G. Andrew

A direct descendant of Captain William Johnson, one of El Monte’s founders and prominent among the builders of the city in its later growth, is the name of Charles G. Andrew, who was born February 14, 1875 in San Bernardino. Mr. Andrew’s father was Tilghman D. Andrew, a native of Maryland, coming to California at an early date. His mother was in maidenhood, Sarah Ann James, a native of California, being born near the site of the old mill on the Huntington estate, and whose father managed and operated the mill. Her father, in 1860, moved to San Bernardino, where he operated several lumber mills. His death occurred in 1911.

Charles G. Andrew, in 1881, was six years old, was brought to El Monte, where he was educated in the public schools. On reaching his majority he engaged in farming, and in 1903, acquired and settled on 22 acres of land on South Lexington, near the Durfee ranch. Here he remained for twenty-seven years, settling the place to walnuts and otherwise improving his property.

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Biography of John Henry Alexander

Although living but two years after his arrival in El Monte, John H. Alexander was well known in the vicinity and left a family which was to have much to do with the activity and future development of the town.

Born in 1829, a native of South Carolina, Mr. Alexander was educated in the public schools of his home community where he remained until after he was twenty years of age. In 1849, he crossed the plains to California by ox-team, coming first to the gold fields in the northern part of the state. Here he remained for several years engaged at mining. For a time as foreman of a mine in Drytown, Amador County, and later in Calaveras County in the same line of work.

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El Monte: From the Pioneer Days History and Biographical Sketches

Compiled and Written for The City of El Monte by The Works Progress Administration Project N-5740 Supervisors: C.D. Maxon, Fred J. Brown, Lee Stoddard, Charles G. Mudd Alexander, John Henry Allgeyer, Henry Andrew, Charles G. Andrew, Tilghman D. Asher, Hugh L. Baker, Isaac Funk Barnes, William Penn Barton, Chester R. Barton, John Bell, Charles M. Bell, Thomas Bell, William C. Blackley, Charley Bryant, Barney S. Bunyard, Larkin S. Burdick, Herbert Alfred Burdick, Lester C. Callan, Jacob Mitchell Cave, Fredrick Payson Choate, Roger L. Cleminson, James Cleminson, James D. Cleminson, John Cogswell, Prescott F. Coleman, Joseph L. Cuddeback, Grant P....

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Los Angeles California Biographies

An Illustrated History of Los Angeles County An illustrated history of Los Angeles County, California. Chicago: The Lewis publishing company. 1889 An Illustrated History of Southern California An illustrated history of Southern California : embracing the counties of San Diego, San Bernardino, Los Angeles and Orange, and the peninsula of Lower California, from the earliest period of occupancy to the present time; together with glimpses of their prospects; also, full-page portraits of some of their eminent men, and biographical mention of many of their pioneers and of prominent citizens of to-day. Chicago, Ill.: The Lewis Publishing Company. 1890. History...

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Membership Roll of the Pioneers of Los Angeles County

Membership Roll of the Pioneers of Los Angeles County   Name,  Birthplace,  Occupation,  Arrived in County,  Residence,  Arrived in State   Alvarez, Ferdinand Missouri, Butcher, May 1, 1872, 647 S. Sichel, 1872 Alvarez, Julia A. T., Housewife, July 14, 1888, Los Angeles, 1843 Anderson, L. M., Pennsylvania, Collector, July 4, 1873, Los Angeles, 1873 Anderson, Mrs. David, Kentucky, Housewife, January, 1, 1853, 641 S. Grand Avenue, 1852 Austin, Henry C., Massachusetts, Attorney, August, 30, 1869, 3118 Figueroa, 1869   Baldwin, Jeremiah, Ireland, Retired, April 1874, 721 Darwin, 1859 Bales, Leonidas, Ohio, Farmer, 1866, 1492 Lambie, 1847 Barclay, Henry A.,...

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Register of Officers of the National Guard and Naval Militia of California

This book provides some insight into the National Guard and Naval Militia in California in 1917. We have listed only the people who served and not the structure of the military. In some cases there were blank lines where it was thought there should be another officer, they were removed. The book does not provide information as to the dates after the names, we can only guess it is the date of the start of their service.

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Naval Militia of California

Naval Militia of California Capt. George W. Bauer, Commanding, San Francisco, 10-17-03. Commander John A. McGee, Chief of Staff, San Francisco. 8-18-16. Commander Geo. E. Kammerer, First Battalion, San Francisco, 8-18-16. Commander Alonzo H. Woodbine, Second Battalion, Los Angeles, 8-18-16. Lieut. Com. Thomas B. W. Leland, Chief Surgeon, San Francisco, 5-6-07. Lieut. Com. Wm. Speck, Chief Engineer, San Francisco, 9-30-13. Lieut. Com. Henry P. Smith, Ordnance Officer, San Francisco, 8-16-13. Lieut. Com. Donald M. Stewart, Executive Officer, Second Battalion, San Diego, 8 18-16. Lieut. Com. Cecil C. Dennis, Paymaster, Alameda, 8-18-16. Lieut. Frank S. M. Harris, Gunnery Officer, First Battalion, Oakland, 8-18-16. Lieut. Nelson Taylor, Gunnery Officer, Second Battalion, Los Angeles, 8-18-16. Lieut. William E. Hubbard, Engineer Officer, First Battalion, San Francisco, 4-8-17. Lieut. Edward L. Doheny, Jr., Engineer Officer, Second Battalion, Los Angeles, 1-22-17. Lieut. William C. Tooze, Navigator, First Battalion, Oakland, 1-26-17. Lieut. Morgan Adams, Navigator, Second Battalion, Los Angeles, 8-1S-16. Lieut. Emanuel Mosbacher, Passed Asst. Paymaster. San Francisco, 8-13-16. Lieut. Melville R. Tipton, Passed Asst. Paymaster, Los Angeles, 8-18-16. Lt. (Jr. Gr.) William R. Cobb, Signal Officer, 1st. Battalion, San Francisco, 11-20-16. Lt. (Jr. Gr.) Harold McC. Haver, Signal Officer, 2d Battalion, Los Angeles, 8-18-16. Ensign George S. McGee, Asst. Paymaster, San Francisco, 8-18-16. Ensign Julier C. Hizar, Asst. Paymaster, San Diego, 1-24-10. Pay Clerk Frank B. Thompson, San Francisco, 4-5-17. First Division Lt. Julian A....

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Alphabetical List of Officers

The following list is a register of officers of the National Guard and Naval Militia of California during the year 1917. Adams, Adolph B., Lieut., 5th Division, Naval Militia, Eureka. Adams, Morgan, Lieut. and Navigator, 2d Battalion, Naval Militia, Los Angeles. Alexander, Jacob, Major, Adjutant General’s Department, Sacramento. Alexander, Clyde C., 2d Lieut., Battery B, 1st Battalion, Field Artillery, Oakland. Allen, Jacob D., Captain and Chaplain, 2d Infantry, Visalia. Allen, Byron W., Major, 7th Infantry, San Bernardino. Allison, Wm. J., 1st Lieut., Co. L, 2d Infantry, Watsonville. Armstrong, Joseph L., Lieut. 11th Division, Naval Militia, Los Angeles. Ary, Charles L., 1st Lieut., Co. O, 7th Infantry, Redlands. Ashley, William J., Ensign, 2d Division, Naval Militia, San Francisco. Atwood, Harry J. L., 1st Lieut., 14th Co., Coast Artillery Corps, San Gabriel. Austin, Albert B., Captain, Quartermaster Corps, Sacramento. Bacon, Jr., Williamson W., 2d Lieut., 24th Co., Coast Artillery Corps, Duarte. Bain, John S., 2d Lieut., Co. M., 7th Infantry, Riverside. Bailey, LeRoy H., 1st Lieut., Medical Corps, Los Angeles. Baker, Robt. H., Lieut., 10th Division, Naval Militia, San Diego. Balch, Clifford A., 2d Lieut., Co. I, 7th Infantry, Pasadena. Baldwin, Arnold M., Ensign, 4th Division, Naval Militia, Santa Cruz. Ballard, Merrill O., 1st Lieut., Co. H, 2d Infantry, Red Bluff. Barney, David E., 1st Lieut., 1st Squadron of Cavalry, Sacramento. Barker, Guy A., 2d Lieut., 3d Co., Coast Artillery Corps,...

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Second Coast Defense Command

Second Coast Defense Command. Colonel Harry B. Light, Los Angeles, 10-11-16. Lieutenant Colonel, Ralph L. Kruger, Los Angeles, 10-11-16. Major Frank R. McReynolds, Willow Brook, 10-11-16. Major G. Mettler, Watts, 10-11-16. Major John H. J. Cunningham, Los Angeles, 10-11-16. Staff. Capt. Harry L. Powell, Jr., Adjutant, Los Angeles, 10-11-16. Capt. Thomas J. Golding, Quartermaster, Los Angeles, 10-11-16. Capt. Leo W. Marden, Ordnance Officer, Los Angeles, 10-11-16. 1st Lt. Roy T. Sharp, Los Angeles, 10-11-16. 1st Lt. Russell Ryan, Los Angeles, 10-1146. 1st Lt. Clifford W. Macfarlane, Los Angeles, 10-11-16. 1st Lt. Herschel R. Griffin, Chaplain, Los Angeles, 10-11-16. 2d Lt. Marshall B. Craig, Redondo Beach, 10-11-16. 2d Lt. John W. Haynes, Los Angeles, 10-30-16. 2d Lt. Thomas D. Howard, Los Angeles, 10-30-16. Thirteenth Company Capt. Charles F. Huston, Los Angeles, 9-21-16. 1st Lt. Alfred T. Slaten, Los Angeles, 9-21-16. 2d Lt. Herman F. Martens, Los Angeles, 9-21-16. Fourteenth Company Capt. Daniel K. Smyth, Wilmar Station, 9-22-7.6. 1st Lt. Harry J. L. Atwood, San Gabriel, 9-22-16. 2d Lt. Albert K. Boeckmann, Los Angeles, 9-22-16. Fifteenth Company Capt. Robert R. Jones, Los Angeles, 9-23-16. 1st Lt. Arthur P. Slocum, Los Angeles, 9-23-16. 2d Lt. Henry B. Lowell, Los Angeles, 9-23-16. Sixteenth Company Capt. John A. Kelley, San Pedro, 9-24-16. 1st Lt. Guy W. MacClure, San Pedro, 9-24-16. 2d Lt. George H. Day, Terminal Island, E. San Pedro, 9-24-16. Seventeenth Company Capt....

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