Naval Militia of California

Naval Militia of California

Capt. George W. Bauer, Commanding, San Francisco, 10-17-03.
Commander John A. McGee, Chief of Staff, San Francisco. 8-18-16.
Commander Geo. E. Kammerer, First Battalion, San Francisco, 8-18-16.
Commander Alonzo H. Woodbine, Second Battalion, Los Angeles, 8-18-16.
Lieut. Com. Thomas B. W. Leland, Chief Surgeon, San Francisco, 5-6-07.
Lieut. Com. Wm. Speck, Chief Engineer, San Francisco, 9-30-13.
Lieut. Com. Henry P. Smith, Ordnance Officer, San Francisco, 8-16-13.
Lieut. Com. Donald M. Stewart, Executive Officer, Second Battalion, San Diego, 8 18-16.
Lieut. Com. Cecil C. Dennis, Paymaster, Alameda, 8-18-16.
Lieut. Frank S. M. Harris, Gunnery Officer, First Battalion, Oakland, 8-18-16.
Lieut. Nelson Taylor, Gunnery Officer, Second Battalion, Los Angeles, 8-18-16.
Lieut. William E. Hubbard, Engineer Officer, First Battalion, San Francisco, 4-8-17.
Lieut. Edward L. Doheny, Jr., Engineer Officer, Second Battalion, Los Angeles, 1-22-17.
Lieut. William C. Tooze, Navigator, First Battalion, Oakland, 1-26-17.
Lieut. Morgan Adams, Navigator, Second Battalion, Los Angeles, 8-1S-16.
Lieut. Emanuel Mosbacher, Passed Asst. Paymaster. San Francisco, 8-13-16.
Lieut. Melville R. Tipton, Passed Asst. Paymaster, Los Angeles, 8-18-16.
Lt. (Jr. Gr.) William R. Cobb, Signal Officer, 1st. Battalion, San Francisco, 11-20-16.
Lt. (Jr. Gr.) Harold McC. Haver, Signal Officer, 2d Battalion, Los Angeles, 8-18-16.
Ensign George S. McGee, Asst. Paymaster, San Francisco, 8-18-16.
Ensign Julier C. Hizar, Asst. Paymaster, San Diego, 1-24-10.
Pay Clerk Frank B. Thompson, San Francisco, 4-5-17.

First Division
Lt. Julian A. Ducray Commanding, San Francisco, 1-25-17.
Ensign Ralph J. A. Stern, San Francisco, 1-22-14.
Ensign Edmunds Lymen, San Francisco, 4-8-17.

Second Division
Lt. Thomas S. Harloe Commanding, San Francisco, 10-17-99. Lt.
Ensign Louis R. Holm, San Francisco, 4-20-11.
Ensign Wm. J. Ashley, San Francisco, 10-2-13.

Third Division
Lt. David A. Loebenstein Commanding, San Diego, 3-14-17.
Lt. (Jr. Gr.) Henry C. Buckle, San Diego, 6-28-16.
Ensign Herbert H. Gill, San Diego, 6-28-16.
Ensign Raymond G. Shively, San Diego, 6-28-16.

Fourth Division
Lt. Jas. IL Willey Commanding, Santa Cruz, 9-24-13.
Ensign Earl W. Sprague, Santa Cruz, 9-24-13.
Ensign Arnold M. Baldwin, Santa Cruz, 11-26-13.

Fifth Division
Lt. Adolph B. Adams, Commanding, Eureka, 6-20-11.
Lt. (Jr. Gr.) Walter E. Torrey, Eureka, 2-20-12.

Sixth Division
Lt. Frederick H. Kimball Commanding, Santa Barbara, 3-16-15.
Lt. (Jr. Gr.) Chas. W. Wright, Santa Barbara, 10-21-13.
Ensign Harvey L. Kiler, Santa Barbara, 10-21-13.
Ensign James I. Cruickshank, Santa Barbara, 4-10-17.

Seventh Division
Lt. Ray W. Clark Commanding, Los Angeles, 12-22-13.
Lt. (Jr. Gr.) Herman Henneberger, Jr., Los Angeles, 1-4-17.
1st Lt. Newton Best (Comdg. Marine Section), Los Angeles, 2-24-16.
Ensign Marshall S. Hageman, Los Angeles, 6-3-15.

Eighth Division
Lt. Geo. E. Link Commanding, Los Angeles, 4-11-11.
Lt. (Jr. Gr.) Hans K. Koebig, Los Angeles, 4-10-17.
Ensign William A. Clark, Los Angeles, 4-10-17.
Ensign Harold S. Ryerson, Los Angeles, 10-26-16.

Ninth Division
Lt. Frank R. Seaver Commanding, Los Angeles, 11-19-14.
Ensign Dana Hogan, Los Angeles, 1-4-17.
Ensign Howard W. Wright, Pasadena, 1-4-17.
Lieut. Frank Simpson, Jr. (Comdg. Aeronautic Section), Los Angeles, 11-24-16.

Tenth Division
Lt. Robt. H. Baker, Commanding, San Diego, 1-26-16.
Lt (Jr. Gr.) Hugh S. Haynes, San Diego, 1-26-16.
Ensign Selmar R. Siebert, San Diego, 6-28-16.

Eleventh Division
Lt. Joseph L. Armstrong, Los Angeles, 4-10-17.
Ensign Bradner W. Lee, Jr., Los Angeles, 4-10-17.

First Engineer Division
Lt Henry A. Leopold Commanding, San Francisco, 12-11-13.
Lt (Jr. Gr.) Chas. S. Hendry, San Francisco, 12-11-13.
Ensign Rudolph L. Haas, San Francisco, 4-9-17.

Second Engineer Division
Ensign Charles W. Pierce, Los Angeles, 4-10-17.

Lt. Com. Thomas B. W. Leland, Chief Surgeon, San Francisco, 5-6-07.
Lt. Paul Castelhum Passed Assistant Surgeon, San Francisco, 3-24-17.
Lt. Alfred J. Murrietta Passed Asst. Surgeon, Los Angeles, 8-18-16.
Lt. (Jr. Gr.) Archibald C. Macleish, Assistant Surgeon, San Francisco, 4-5-17.
Lt (Jr. Gr.) Carl T. Wallace, Assistant Surgeon, Eureka, 4-10-11.
Lt. (Jr. Gr.) Arthur L. Davis, Assistant Surgeon, Los Angeles, 4-3-17.
Lt (Jr. Gr.) Benjamin H. Bush, Assistant Surgeon, Santa Cruz, 5-23-12.
Lt. (Jr. Gr.) Thomas C. Pounds, Assistant Surgeon. San Diego, 1-2-15.

Officers Of The United States Navy

(On duty with the Naval Militia of California.)

Lt. Commander Charles P. Huff, Branch Hydrographic Office, San Francisco, Cal.
Capt. Harrison T. Swain, U. S. M. C. retired, Los Angeles.
Lt. William R. Cushmon.
Lt. (Jr. Gr.) John F. McClain, 417 Market St., San Francisco. Cal.
Lt. (Jr. Gr.) Merritt Hodson, U.S.S. Farragut, San Pedro, Cal.
Acting Assistant Surgeon Charles H. Lowell, Fourth and Main streets, Los Angeles, Cal.

Stations Of Organizations, Naval Militia Of California.
Headquarters, Room 402, 55 New Montgomery Street, San Francisco, Cal.
Band, Fourteenth and Mission Sts., San Francisco, Cal.
First Division. Fourteenth and Mission Sts., San Francisco, Cal.
Second Division, Fourteenth and Mission Sts., San Francisco, Cal.
Third Division, San Diego, Cal.
Fourth Division, Santa Cruz, Cal.
Fifth Division, Eureka, Cal.
Sixth Division, Santa Barbara, Cal.
Seventh Division, Armory, Exposition Park, Los Angeles, Cal.
Eighth Division, Armory, Exposition Park, Los Angeles, Cal.
Ninth Division, Armory, Exposition Park, Los Angeles, Cal.
Tenth Division, San Diego, Cal.
Eleventh Division, Armory, Exposition Park, Los Angeles, Cal.
First Engineer Division, Fourteenth and Mission Sts., San Francisco, Cal.
Second Engineer Division, Armory, Exposition Park, Los Angeles.

California National Guard and Naval Militia

Source: Register of Officers of the National Guard and Naval Militia of California, 1917

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  1. Dr. J. Hiolmes Armstead

    I am a retired professor of strategy and international law at the US Naval War College interested in learning about opportunities to serve in the California Naval Militia.. I have served as an officer on active duty, in the reserves and national guard and in the Virginia Militia.

  2. I have a photo, reportedly taken around the time of the 1906 SF earthquake, of my Great Grandfather and several others who were members of the California Naval Militia. We also have his sword that was a part of his uniform. I am unable to find his name associated with the organization however. How do I verify his connection to the organization. I know that he was part of the brigade who provided help after the quake.

    Thank you.

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