Second Coast Defense Command

Second Coast Defense Command.
Colonel Harry B. Light, Los Angeles, 10-11-16.
Lieutenant Colonel, Ralph L. Kruger, Los Angeles, 10-11-16.
Major Frank R. McReynolds, Willow Brook, 10-11-16.
Major G. Mettler, Watts, 10-11-16.
Major John H. J. Cunningham, Los Angeles, 10-11-16.

Capt. Harry L. Powell, Jr., Adjutant, Los Angeles, 10-11-16.
Capt. Thomas J. Golding, Quartermaster, Los Angeles, 10-11-16.
Capt. Leo W. Marden, Ordnance Officer, Los Angeles, 10-11-16.
1st Lt. Roy T. Sharp, Los Angeles, 10-11-16.
1st Lt. Russell Ryan, Los Angeles, 10-1146.
1st Lt. Clifford W. Macfarlane, Los Angeles, 10-11-16.
1st Lt. Herschel R. Griffin, Chaplain, Los Angeles, 10-11-16. 2d
Lt. Marshall B. Craig, Redondo Beach, 10-11-16.
2d Lt. John W. Haynes, Los Angeles, 10-30-16.
2d Lt. Thomas D. Howard, Los Angeles, 10-30-16.

Thirteenth Company
Capt. Charles F. Huston, Los Angeles, 9-21-16.
1st Lt. Alfred T. Slaten, Los Angeles, 9-21-16.
2d Lt. Herman F. Martens, Los Angeles, 9-21-16.

Fourteenth Company
Capt. Daniel K. Smyth, Wilmar Station, 9-22-7.6.
1st Lt. Harry J. L. Atwood, San Gabriel, 9-22-16.
2d Lt. Albert K. Boeckmann, Los Angeles, 9-22-16.

Fifteenth Company
Capt. Robert R. Jones, Los Angeles, 9-23-16.
1st Lt. Arthur P. Slocum, Los Angeles, 9-23-16.
2d Lt. Henry B. Lowell, Los Angeles, 9-23-16.

Sixteenth Company
Capt. John A. Kelley, San Pedro, 9-24-16.
1st Lt. Guy W. MacClure, San Pedro, 9-24-16.
2d Lt. George H. Day, Terminal Island, E. San Pedro, 9-24-16.

Seventeenth Company
Capt. Taylor E. Duncan, Hollywood, 9-24-16. 1st Lt
2d Lt. Walter H. Long, Los Angeles, 9-24-16.

Eighteenth Company
Capt. William J. Ergenzinger, Los Angeles, 9-26-16. 1st Lt. –
2d Lt. Robert W. McClellan, Los Angeles, 9-26-16.

Nineteenth Company
Capt. John T. Riley, Los Angeles, 9-27-16.
1st Lt. Clifford J. Nix, Watts, 9-27-16.
2d Lt. Newton J. Hopcraft, Los Angeles, 9-27-16.

Twentieth Company
Capt. Roy C. Prentiss, Los Angeles, 9-29-16.
1st. Lt. Charles E. Berry, Los Angeles, 9-29-16.
2d Lt. Frank Harlan, Los Angeles, 9-29-16.

Twenty-First Company
Capt. Frank J. Baum, Los Angeles, 9-30-16.
1st Lt. Ben B. Blair, Los Angeles, 9-30-16.
2d Lt. Dru W. Nicoles, Glendale, 9-30-16.

Twenty-Second Company
Capt. Leonidas W. Stampley, Los Angeles, 10-4-16.
1st Lt. Louis 0. LaMont, Los Angeles, 10-4-16.
2d Lt. Frederick L. Macfarlane, Los Angeles, 10-4-16.

Twenty-Third Company
Capt. James W. McCowan, Long Beach, 10.6-16.
1st Lt. Daniel A. Deal, Long Beach, 10-6-16.
2d Lt. Roland G. Swaffield, Long Beach, 10-6-16.

Twenty-Fourth Company
Capt. Charles 0. Brown, Monrovia, 10-6-16.
1st Lt. Alfred W. Hazen, Monrovia, 10-6-16.
2d Lt. Williamson W. Bacon, Jr., Duarte, 10-6-16.

Officers of Medical Corps attached:
1st Lt. Frank C. Fuller, Los Angeles, 10-11-16.
1st Lt. William D. Moore, San Pedro, 11-14-16.
1st Lt. LeRoy H. Bailey, Los Angeles, 11-15-16. 1st Lt.

Field Hospital, No. 1
Major Chas. W. Decker, Medical Corps, Commanding, Los Angeles, 11-26-09.

California National Guard and Naval Militia

Source: Register of Officers of the National Guard and Naval Militia of California, 1917

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