The Madera County Historian, Volume 2, Issue 4

The Madera County Historian documents the history of Madera County and was published by the Madera Historical Society beginning in 1961. This is issue 4 of volume 2, was published in Oct of 1962 and totaled 8 pages.

Doris E. Foster continues her article on the First Annual California Mission Meeting held in 1961 that she started in Issue 3 of Volume 2, July 1962. This portion of her article discusses the tour of Mission San Antonio that the delegates made.

The second article also brings to close an entertaining story about the gentleman stage robber Kenneth Hopper “met” while on a stage as an 8 year old boy with his mother and sister. You will want to start with the July Issue first.

The final article identifies a photo included in Issue 2 of Volume 2.

Table of Contents:

  • First Annual California Mission Meeting by Doris E. Foster (cont. from Vol. 2, Issue 3)
  • The Gentleman Stage Robber – Sixteen Years Later, by Kenneth C. Hopper (see Vol. 2, Issue 3)
  • Historic Photo Identified (See Vol. 2, Issue 2 for photo)
  • 1962 Membership Roster

Digital Book:


Original: Various authors, The Madera County Historian, quarterly, Volume 2, Issue 4, October 1962; Madera California: Madera County Historical Society, 1962.
Digitization made possible by Sierra Historic Sites Association and California Revealed. Files hosted at InternetArchive.

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