History of Monterey and Santa Cruz Counties, California Volume 2 Title Page

Biography of J. D. Resetylo of Monterey California

Fashionable Monterey society has owed much to such an experienced and artistic craftsman as J. D. Resetylo, the popular tailor, of 517 Lighthouse avenue, not alone for up-to-date styles, but for perfection in dependable workmanship. He was born in Galicia, in 1886, the son of James and Ahafia (Kaminska) Resetylo. His father, now deceased, came to the United States and remained here for four years.

After attending school in romantic Galicia, J. D. Resetylo afterward was apprenticed to learn the tailor’s trade, and this means of livelihood he followed in the old country until he came to America. In 1905 he reached Baltimore, Maryland, and there he remained for two years and seven months. In 1908 he came to California and for some time he worked in the Presidio of San Francisco. On May 3, 1923, he landed in Monterey, and since that date he has been engaged in business here. One cause of Mr. Resetylo’s success is undoubtedly his conscientious regard for the quality of his workmanship and he also keeps well abreast of the times, keeping posted on London, New York and San Francisco styles. His stock comprises the best woolens and other goods obtainable and he never lets a job leave his hand until it has satisfied his critical judgment. In this way, having once secured a customer, he never needs to lose sleep about retaining his patronage. In his spare moments Mr. Resetylo devotes himself to reading and study.

Source: History of Monterey and Santa Cruz Counties, California : cradle of California’s history and romance : dating from the planting of the cross of Christendom upon the shores of Monterey Bay by Fr. Junipero Serra, and those intrepid adventurers who accompanied him, down to the present day. Chicago: S.J. Clarke Pub. Co., 1925.

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