First Brigade, Company B, Second Infantry

First Brigade

Brigadier General
Robert Wankowski ( 1 1-10-03) Commanding. Headquarters, Los Angeles.

Major Raymond I. Follmer, Adjutant General, Los Angeles, 4-15-09.

Corps Of Engineers.

Company A.
Capt. Jay A. Given, Sacramento, 3-24-16. 1st Lt.
Alexander M. Barton, Bakersfield, 7-21-16. 1st Lt.
2d Lt. Wallace A. Mason, Sacramento, 11-16-16.

Company B.
Capt. James Irvine, Los Angeles, 10-12-16.
1st Lt. Theodore T. Kirk, Los Angeles, 10-12-16. 1st Lt.
2d Lt. John E. Rockhold, Glendale, 10-21-16.

Company B, Signal Corps.
Capt. Frank J. Sullivan, San Francisco, 12-19-07. 1st Lt.
1st Lt. Edward V. Orr, Alameda, 6-22-16.

Second Infantry

Field and Staff:
Col. Wm. H. White, Commanding, Chico, 2-4-17.
Lt. Col. Sidney H. Sayre, Sacramento, 2-4-17.
Major Will Kelly, Fresno, 12-7-13.
Major Harry R. Downing, Dixon, 3-26-17.
Major Henry H. Brown, Sacramento, 2-4-17.
Captain Charles R. Hoppin, Adjt.. Yolo, 3-31-17.
Captain Erle D. Ferguson, Quartermaster. Chico, 3-26-17.
Captain George E. Finnell, COM., Sacramento, 3-26-17.
Captain Jacob D. Allen, Chaplain, Visalia, S-10-16.
1st Lt. Rolin G. Watkins, Batt. Adjt., Chico, 3-26-17.
1st Lt. Le Roy Le V. Smith, Batt. Adjt., Fresno, 4-9-17.
2d Lt. Irwin D. Newcomb, Batt. Q. M. and Com., Chico, 3-27-17.

Erle L. Turner, Co. A, Chico, 6-26-16.
Ernest G. Griffin, Co. B, Richmond. 6-24-16.
Frank D. Hopkins, Co. C, Fresno, 3-26-17.
Ford E. Spigelmyre, Co. D, Visalia, 9-5-16.
Lester J. Caldwell, Co. F, Woodland, 6-12-16.
Harold J. McClatchy, Co. G, Sacramento. 6-18-16.
Edward Sutherland, Co. H, Red Bluff. 3-28-17.
John C. Dooley, Co. I, Oroville, 6-23-16.
Claude H. Fowler, Co. K. Fresno, 2-26-14.
Francis Kimes, Co. M, Hanford, 3-26-17.

First Lieutenants:
Fenton W. Jamison, Co. A. Chico, 6-9-13.
William A. Vickery, Co. B, Richmond, 6-24-16.
Beach E. Taber, Co. C, Fresno, 3-26-17.
Lester H. Gadsby, Co. D, Visalia, 9-5-16.
Walter W. Wright, Co. E, Sacramento, 4-12-15.
Rodney J. Hill, Co. F, Woodland, 6-12-16.
Edward J. Murray, Co. G, Sacramento, 3-31-17.
Merrill O. Ballard. Co. H, Red Bluff, 2-3-16.
Edward I. Cook, Co. I, Oroville, 10-24-16.
Arthur H. Drew, Co. K, Fresno, 3-26-17.
William J. Allison, Co. L, Watsonville, 5-22-16.
Harry W. Holman, Co. M, Hanford, 3-26-17.

Second Lieutenants:
Edgar E. Roberts, Co. A, Chico, 6-26-16.
William V. Keltz, Co. B, Richmond, 6-24-16.
Edward C. Neal, Co. C, Fresno, 3-27-17.
Clarence L. Bradley, Co. D, Visalia, 9-5-16.
Ward E. Pagnello, Co. E, Sacramento, 4-12-15.
Jacob G. Bruton, Co. F, Woodland, 10-9-16.
Frederick C. Taylor, Co. G, Sacramento, 3-31-17.
Chauncey T. Bradley, Co. H, Red Bluff, 3-28-17.
Esque V. McAtee, Co. I, Oroville, 10-24-16.
Emory C. Burroughs. Co. K, Fresno, 3-26-17.
Stanley A. Leddy, Co. L, Watsonville, 5-22-16.
William R. Norrish, Co. M, Hanford, 3-27-17.

Machine Gun

Company, Second Infantry.
Capt George E. Finnell, Sacramento, 3-26-17.

Officers of Medical Corps attached:
Capt Homer Rogers, Bakersfield, 9-29-13.
1st Lt. Anthony B. Diepenbrock, Sacramento, 6-28-15.
1st. Lt. Charles S. Freedman, Santa Rosa, 6-21-16.

California National Guard and Naval Militia

Source: Register of Officers of the National Guard and Naval Militia of California, 1917

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