Governor through Ordnance Department California National Guard

William D. Stephens, Governor and Commander-In-Chief, Sacramento

Staff Departments and Corps.

Adjutant General’s Department.

The Adjutant General
Brigadier General, James J. Borree, Sacramento, 12-16-16

Assistant to the Adjutant General.
Lieutenant-Colonel, Herbert R. Fay, Sacramento, 3-6-17.

Adjutants General.
Major, Raymond I. Follmer, Los Angeles, 4-15-09.
Major, Jacob Alexander, Sacramento, 8-27-15.

Inspector General’s Department.
Major, Charles W. Thomas, Jr., Sacramento, S-20-16.

Judge Advocate General’s Department.

Judge Advocate
Lieutenant-Colonel, William P. Humphreys, San Francisco. 3-10-17.

Quartermaster Corps

Quartermaster General
Brigadier General, James J. Borree, Sacramento, 12-16-16.
Lieutenant Colonel, David A. Smith, Oakland. 1-13-16.
Major, John F. Sherburn, Sacramento, 3-6-11.
Captain, Albert B. Austin, Sacramento, 4-9-07.
Captain, Fred S. Roumage, Berkeley, 4-14-14.
Captain, John L. Henderson, Sacramento, 12-7-15.

Ordnance Department

Chief Of Ordnance
Brigadier General, James J. Borree, Sacramento, 12-16-16.

Signal Corps
Captain, Frank J. Sullivan, San Francisco, 12-19-07.
First Lieutenant, Edward V. Orr, Alameda, 6-22-16.

Medical Department
(Medical Corps.)
Chief Surgeon.
Major, Chas. W. Decker, Los Angeles, 11-26-09.
Major, Frank S. Emmal, San Francisco, 2-28-10.
Major, Frank C. Wiser, Los Angeles, 7-13-14.

Captain, Chas. H. Bulson, Napa, 8-5-11.
Captain, James C. Hanley, Hayward, 8-22-12.
Captain, Homer Rogers, Bakersfield, 9-29-13.
Captain, Robt. J. Fly, San Diego, 10-1-13.
Captain, Edouard S. Loizeaux, Sacramento, 6-8-14.
Captain, Wilfred E. Chambers, Oakland, 7-1-14.
Captain, Cyril E. Lewis, Calistoga, 5-28-15.
Captain, Chester S. Harris, San Francisco, 3-14-16.
Captain, Eldridge C. Turner, Sacramento, 6-6-16.

First Lieutenants.
First Lieutenant, Anthony B. Diepenbrock, Sacramento, 6-28-15.
First Lieutenant, Frank H. Chase, Los Angeles, 5-23-16.
First Lieutenant, Chas. S. Freedman, Santa Rosa, 6-21-16.
First Lieutenant, Chas. E. Schwartz. Sacramento, 6-26-16.
First Lieutenant, Albert “B” Herrick, Jr., Santa Rosa, 6-28-16.
First Lieutenant, Frank C. Fuller, 10-11-16.
First Lieutenant, William D. Moore, 11-14-16.
First Lieutenant, Le Roy H. Bailey, 11-15-16.

California National Guard and Naval Militia

Source: Register of Officers of the National Guard and Naval Militia of California, 1917

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