San Jose De Guadalupe Mission

San Jose De Guadalupe Mission was founded June 11 1797. It was situated about twenty miles northeast of what is now the city of San Jose, in the foothills. The first building was of wood, with a thatched roof; the adobe church was not completed and dedicated until 1 Bog. The number of converts promised success from the first, and steadily increased until, in 1824, the population settled about the Mission amounted to nearly two thousand souls. In 1805 a padre and a small escort of soldiers and Indians were attacked, one soldier being killed. This was the first overt, act of hostility on the part of the Indians, and swift retaliation was meted out to the offenders. Although situated in a territory continually embroiled in petty warfare between the Indians and settlers, San Jose enjoyed great prosperity. Little remains of the old structures, but many fine old olive-trees of the padres’ planting still yield a considerable income to local institutions belonging to the Church.

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