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Biography of Clifford E. Allen of Stockton, California

Clifford E. Allen, physician and surgeon of Stockton, California, is one of the young and progressive members of his profession, and has made rapid advancement since he first opened his office and offered his skill to the public. To offset the long years of experience which some of his fellow practitioners claim, he has the advantage of having received his training and theoretical equipment during the last quarter of the nineteenth century, which was the period in which the random investigation of centuries came into full flower and medical and surgical science became almost at a bound the most beneficial and at the same time one of the most exact of modern arts. With the privileges which these wonderful discoveries and development insured, Dr. Allen’s period of preparation placed him on a high plane of efficiency, and he was thus ready at the start to practice with the confidence and skill which the physicians of an earlier day spent several years of empirical probation to acquire.

Dr. Allen was born in Bangor, Butte county, California, July 31, 1871, a son of John E. and Mary (Baine) Allen, who are both living in Bangor. His father was a practicing physician until 1888, and then went into the general merchandise business at Bangor, which he still conducts. He is also the present postmaster at that place.

Dr. Allen received his education in the public schools, finishing at the high school in Oroville, Butte county, and subsequently entered the medical department of the University of California, where he was graduated with the degree of M. D. in 1896. For the following two years he practiced in the French Hospital at San Francisco, and in 1898 moved to Stockton, where he opened his office and has been in continuous practice ever since. For one year he served as house physician of St. Joseph’s Hospital at Stockton.

Dr. Allen is a member of the San Joaquin County Medical Society. He affiliates with Stockton Lodge, B. P. O. E., with Stockton Parlor No. 7, N. S. G. W., and is physician for the Foresters and the Royal Arch. He is Republican in politics. Dr. Allen has four brothers and sisters, as follows: Anna Belle, the wife of William C. McDougall, of Idaho; Serney E. Allen, in the general merchandise business at Bangor, California; and Elmer B. Allen and Grace Allen, in Bangor with their parents.

Source: Leigh H. Irvine; A History of the New California Its Resources and People, 2 Volumes; New York and Chicago: The Lewis Publishing Company, 1903.

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