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Biography of Carl F. Arnold of Watsonville California

Carl F. Arnold, whose talents lie along mechanical lines, has worked for many of the leading automobile manufacturers of the country, constantly broadening his knowledge and augmenting his skill, and is now classed with the most successful dealers of Watsonville, where he also operates a well equipped repair shop. Fortune has not always bestowed her favors upon him, but adversity has spurred him on to renewed effort, and by hard work and perseverance he has conquered every impediment in his course, pressing steadily onward to the goal fixed by his ambition. Mr. Arnold was born June 29, 1879, in Battle

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Biography of David Taylor Bateman of Santa Clara County California

David Taylor Bateman, county superintendent of schools of Santa Clara county, is a native of Ohio, born at Hillsboro in Highland county on the 18th of December, 1845, his parents being Daniel S. and Mary L. (King) Bateman. In December, 1886, occurred the marriage of Professor Bateman and Miss Josephine A. Gairand, a native of Santa Clara county and a daughter of Louis A. and Ellen (Barry) Gairand, who were pioneer residents of the Santa Clara valley.

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Biography of Curtis Mason Barker of San Jose, California

Curtis Mason Barker, of San Jose, was born in Detroit, Michigan, April 12, 1861, his parents being Kirkland Charles and Jennett Barker. In 1883 was celebrated the marriage of Mr. Barker and Miss Zoe A. Campbell, a daughter of J. C. Campbell, one of the prominent mining men of Nevada City.

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Biography of Eugene Aram of Sacramento, California

Eugene Aram, a prominent lawyer of Sacramento, is certainly one of the very oldest living native sons of California, with whose business, professional and political affairs he has been identified to a degree most honorable and creditable to an eldest son. He was born at Monterey, in what is now the state of California, on January 26, 1848. Mr. Aram was married in 1875 to Miss Lizzie Jasper, a daughter of J. M. C. Jasper, of Wheatland, Yuba county.