History of Monterey and Santa Cruz Counties, California Volume 2 Title Page

Biography of Rosa M. Feliz of King City California

Probably no woman in Monterey county is better known for her unselfish labor in caring for the afflicted, the old and infirm, and fatherless children than Rosa M. Feliz, of King City. She is a daughter of Don Jose Maria and Maria (Vallejo) Gil, her family being a link between the old Spanish regime and modern California. A sketch of her father appears elsewhere in this volume.

Rosa M. Feliz, better known as Rosita, was reared on her father’s farm near Jolon. As a girl she was charitable, kind to all, always ready and willing to lend a helping hand to those ill or in trouble. Before her marriage she assisted in bringing up two orphan children, and three others after her marriage. Naturally such a young woman was loved and admired by all with whom she came in contact. Older residents at Jolon and in the immediate vicinity, as well as those of King City, can recall many deeds of kindness that required sacrifice on her part in caring for the sick and others who stood in need of her ministrations. Under these circumstances she became a practical nurse, whose willing services were frequently in demand.

She became the wife of Vincente Feliz and bore him two sons, Carlos V. and Arturo R. Carlos V., who married Miss Frances Ray, a school teacher of Los Angeles, owns a one-third interest in a spring factory in that city and lives there. Arturo R. is in business in Santa Barbara, California.

During the World war Mrs. Feliz volunteered as a nurse and served for eighteen months in the Mare Island Hospital. After her father’s death she cared for her mother during her declining years. Now, when she is nearing her threescore years, she meets her friends with cheerful face and kindly smile, still going about doing good. When any one gives her a word of praise, her answer invariably is : “It is no credit to me, but to my father and mother’s teachings.”

Source: History of Monterey and Santa Cruz Counties, California : cradle of California’s history and romance : dating from the planting of the cross of Christendom upon the shores of Monterey Bay by Fr. Junipero Serra, and those intrepid adventurers who accompanied him, down to the present day. Chicago: S.J. Clarke Pub. Co., 1925.

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