Extracts of Genealogical Interest from Early Mountain View, California Newspapers

This boilerplate description of Mountain View was usually printed at the top of the first column on the front page of the Mountain View papers:

Mountain View is on the line of the division of the Southern Pacific Coast Railroad (broad gauge) in the most fertile section of the great Santa Clara Valley; it is 39 miles from San Francisco, 11 miles from San Jose, 5 miles from Stanford University, 3 miles from the bay, 1 1/2 miles from the schooner landing, and within two hours ride by rail of the great resorts — Monterey, Santa Cruz and Pacific Grove. The finest camping grounds in the midst of the most delightful mountain scenery in California may be reached by a drive from five to twenty miles from the town taking in all the renowned scenery of the Santa Cruz Mountains and other parts of the coastal range. Twelve passenger trains pass Mountain View every day, and all but two stop here. Two mails arrive from the south and two from the north daily. The climate is mild, its equableness being due to the combined influence of the mountains on the south, which are but four miles away, and the bay on the north distant but three miles. The chief products of the Mountain View are hay, grain, vegetables, berries, fruits, wines and brandies. There are eighteen wineries and distilleries at Mountain View and in its vicinity, and no section of the state has a more enviable reputation for the products of its orchards and vineyards. A local brickyard and saw-mill furnish the chief materials for building at chief figures. The soil is rich and highly productive, and land may be obtained at a low price in tracts to suit.


Parents: Mr. & Mrs.DateGender/Notes
John O’ Day25 Jan 1895Girl
Wm. Garliepp21 May 1895Girl
H. Gartner20 Apr. 1895Girl & Boy – Twins
J. German8 Jun. 1895Girl
Wm. Newroth20 June 1895Boy
R.C. Espinoza25 June 1895Goy
V.S. Henderson28 June 1895Boy
Manzo Loucks29 June 1895Boy
Harvey Smith6 July 1895Triplets!
Wm. Sloat9 Dec. 1895Girl


Last NameFirst NameDatePlace
HoussoeyEmil22 Oct. 1894Mountain View
DoyenMary A.
SutherlandClark21 Oct. 1894Mountain View
KennersonMrs. Medora8 Nov. 1894San Jose
FrancoliBartolome4 Nov. 1894Mountain View
EwaldLouise E.
CaveElmer E.1 Jan. 1895Antioch
McInnisA.C.3 Feb. 1895Mayfield
ArnoldFredolin6 May 1895San Francisco
FrixsenRosa Bell
DerrickGeorge W.17 Nov. 1895Los Gatos
BollingerMrs. Lonia A.
JohnsonDr. D. D.5 Dec. 1895Mountain View
ParkingtonMiss Mable


Last NameFirst NameDate of DeathPlace of DeathPlace of Origin
JunkinMrs. S.F.16 Oct 1894Mountain ViewColorado
BarryHarry J. “Jim”abt. 1 Nov. 1894Ontario, San Bernadino County, CaliforniaMountain View
SchnackyJ.W.22 Nov. 1894San FranciscoMountain View
EwaldElizabeth13 Dec. 1894Old Mountain ViewOld Mountain View
DouganHannal7 Dec. 1894Mountain ViewIndiana
TaylorLetitia21 Dec. 1894Old Mountain ViewEast Tennessee
WehrlyMurray D.1 Jan. 1895Mountain ViewKansas
MooreLevi 9 Jan. 1895Mountain ViewWisconsin
StewartJohn R.12 Jan. 1895San JoseIllinois
BatemanMary L.8 Jan. 1895Los Olivos, Santa Barbara County, CaliforniaMountain View
BohlmanLouis19 Jan. (?) 1895On train from San Jose to Mountain ViewSan Jose
EdminsterMrs. Martha1 Feb. 1895Mountain ViewMaine
WestcottDavid W.20 Feb. 1895Mountain ViewRhode Island
WhelanCornelius19 Feb. 1895Mountain ViewIreland
HamiltonMrs.26 Feb. 1895Mountain ViewIndiana
SullivanEugeneFebruary 1895Denver, ColoradoSan Francisco
MasonIndia (Mrs. W.C.)15 Mar. 1895Mountain ViewMountain View
HartwickSarah Beecher21 Mar. 1895Santa ClaraConnecticut
SpauldingElizabeth25 Mar. 1895MayfieldMassachusetts
Sloat“Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wm.”2 Apr. 1895Mountain ViewMountain View
DeaconHarry20 Apr. 1895Emerson tract roadSwansea, England
McDonaldJas.25 Apr. 1895Home, cor. of S.F. and Saratoga RoadsKilkenny, Ireland
MartinezAntonio29 Apr. 1895Menlo ParkCalifornia
BurkeLida5 May 1895Mountain ViewCalifornia
JohnsonLois15 May 1895Mountain ViewSanta Clara
RobinsonAllan J.28 May 1895Mountain ViewMountain View
MasonBelle E.23 June 1895Mountain ViewDenver, Colorado
ChandlerNoah3 Aug 1895Mountain View
JonesDr. Caleb Valentine2 Sep. 1895Mountain ViewCovington, Indiana
HarrisHenry16 Sep. 1895Mountain ViewMissouri
BroadyJas.19 Sep. 1895Mayfield
BurnsWilliam J.8 Nov. 1895Mountain ViewCabel County, Virginia
DoughertyMichael21 Nov. 1895Menlo ParkIreland
CarrollMrs. Annie4 Dec. 1895Mountain ViewSan Francisco
SaulMrs. John4 Dec. 1895Mountain View
HendersonHenry Merrill12 Dec. 1895Mountain ViewMaryland
CoxJames Reginald30 Dec. 1895Port Costa
McDonaldMichael7 Jan. 1896Mountain View
FrancioliCharles Antonio10 Jan. 1896Mountain ViewMountain View
MesaCrisanto28 Jan. 1896Mountain View
FrancioliLouisa Susana Ewald28 Jan. 1896Mountain View
MillerChristina McAfee31 Jan. 1896San Jose

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