Place Funeral Home Records, 1915 through 1940

Record book from Place Funeral Home, covering the years 1915 to approximately 1940. This book contains a list of cremations from 1915 to 1927, as well as Funeral Record Cards from 1923-1940. The cards are organized alphabetically by the initial letter of the last name, starting from image 26. The first few cards in the sequence primarily document burials of Chinese and Spanish individuals. This record is physically held by the Los Gatos Library, was scanned by California Revealed, and placed online at InternetArchive. While it cannot be downloaded as a whole item, any page can be downloaded individually by right clicking and saving it. Some cards have been scanned more than once in order to provide you all of the material included on the back side. See images below for an example.

These funeral record cards may provide extensive information about each individual, it varies, as with most genealogical records. The Index number references the Place Funeral Home Ledger, 1911 through 1960.

Front Side, left column includes information about the funeral itself: Called by (not the deceased name, it’s the individual who contacted the funeral home to pick up the deceased body), Date, Received, Left, Returned, Telephone, Come to, Shall we remove body to our funeral home?, Remarks; Funeral arrangements, Made by, Address, Telephone, Minister [1]Clue – Is there a Church record?, Lodge [2]Clue – Is there a Social record such as a Mason’s Record?, Music by, Songs, Funeral Notices [3]Clue – Which Newspaper was obituary published in?, Messages, date of Funeral Services, Location, Interment [4]Clue – Is there a cemetery record?, Cremation, Shipment [5]Clue – Is there a Transport permit?, [Shipped] To, Pall Bearers Notified by, Automobiles for, Special Instructions.

Front Side, right column includes information about the individual who is deceased: Name, Place of death, Date of death, Date of birth, Aged, Sex, Color or race, Relationship (Single, Married, Widowed, Divorced), Spouse name, Occupation, Birthplace, Name of father, His birthplace, Name of Mother, Her birthplace, Residence at place of death (how long lived there), Non-resident (home address), How long lived in California, Foreign birth, Informant [6]Important! Who supplied the details for the record is one of the most important factors in whether the record can be trusted as accurate., Informant’s Address, Cause of death, Duration, Contributory, Duration, Was there an autopsy held [7]Clue to look for coroner records!, Operation?, Attending Physician, Address, Will sign Certificate, Permit from, Personal effects, Disposition of same, Fumigation, Owner of property where death occurred, Reported to.

Back side, left column includes information about Floral Cards received including the name and address of the individual.

Back side, right column includes information about the clothing, when will it be ready, who will dress, friends may call, wreath for door and price, flowers, Automobile service; Also, casket information is supplied including size, color, finish, and the engraving on the plate.

Place Funeral Home Records, 1923 to 1940

Place Funeral Home

The A. F. Place Furniture and Undertaking establishment became a landmark business in Los Gatos. Mr. Place started the business in 1884. It was originally located on East Main Street, about where the Masonic Temple now stands. By 1887 the business had grown so that new quarters were obtained in the Willey Block on the north side of East Main Street. In the fall of 1887 A. F. Place left the business and moved to San Benito County, where he was killed in an accident. His son, Elvert Ernest Place, conducted the business himself. The Willey Block was destroyed by the fire of July 27, 1891. Mr. Place, undaunted by his loss, immediately opened in a building at 13—15 North Santa Cruz Avenue. In 1920 he purchased the old Cogswell home at 115 North Santa Cruz Avenue, where the business remains to this day.

In 1922 Mr. Place disposed of his furniture business in order to concentrate on the funeral and ambulance service. His son George became associated in the business with him in that year, but E. E. Place remained the head until his death in June 1937. The Place Funeral Home became well-known under the leadership of George Place, the third generation to head the business. When he retired in 1966 the business came under the management of someone other than a member of the Place family for the first time in 85 years.

The Santa Clara County Historical & Genealogical Society has indexed this record and made the index available here: Index to Los Gatos Funeral Home Records

Sample Funeral Card – Antonio Barbano


Place Funeral Home, Place Funeral Home Records, 1923 to 1940, Los Gatos Library 100 Villa Avenue Los Gatos, CA 95030.


1Clue – Is there a Church record?
2Clue – Is there a Social record such as a Mason’s Record?
3Clue – Which Newspaper was obituary published in?
4Clue – Is there a cemetery record?
5Clue – Is there a Transport permit?
6Important! Who supplied the details for the record is one of the most important factors in whether the record can be trusted as accurate.
7Clue to look for coroner records!

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