Topping Funeral Parlor Records, 1905 through 1914

First Funeral record in Los Gatos was for Mrs. Mary A. Johnson on 27 May 1908
First Funeral record in Los Gatos was for Mrs. Mary A. Johnson on 27 May 1908

This volume contains funeral home records for the Charles S. Topping Funeral Parlor, otherwise known as the “Topping Funeral Parlor” for the years of 1905 through 1914. The original blank book was published by F. J. Feineman for mortuary homes across America to fill in and would have cost $3 to purchase at the time. It is a 300-page record book, two records per sheet of paper (1 on front, 1 on back) though the book has additional pages for the index. The scan did not include blank pages and as such, stops at page 264. There is an index at the front of the book, but it is incomplete and inaccurate. We have provided a complete index to the manuscript below the book images.

The form starts with the number of the record and includes the date. It then provides place for the Name of Deceased, where born, name of the individual charged for the funeral, who (or relationship to deceased) gave the order, how the body was secured, date of funeral, place of death, where the funeral service was held and the time, Clergyman officiating, certifying physician, physicians residence, number of Burial Certificate, cause of death, date of death, occupation of the deceased, single or married, religion, age, body to be shipped to, size and style of Casket or Coffin, Manufacturer, Interment at, Lot or grave number, section number, names of pall bearers. A column of information on the front of the form deals with the costs of the specific funeral and a ledger at the bottom for how and when it was paid.

Unfortunately, it does not appear that the section for the names of pall bearers was ever used. The physical records for this item are maintained in archival binders at the Los Gatos Library, located at 100 Villa Ave., Los Gatos, California, and are accessible to the public for viewing and copying.

The last record in the book for Oroville was #53 and occurred on 8 Oct 1905, the first record for Los Gatos community is #55 and occurred on 27 May 1908. Record #54 is blank. Some records have obituaries and certificates of death.

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Charles S. Topping Funeral Parlor Records, 1905 to 1914

Index to the 1904-1915 Topping Funeral Parlor Records

This is an accurate index to the Topping Funeral Parlor Records for the years of 1915 to 1919. It includes the surname, given name, page number (stamped in blue), location (whether funeral occurred in Oroville or Los Gatos) and whether an obituary is included with the record. Please reference the individual in the file above using the page number.

PurchaseRobert W.3Oroville
KimAh Jr.5Oroville
FoucheLeroy Francis6Oroville
FarnhamE. P.7OrovilleObituary
WhittersRobert Henry11Oroville
BishopJames Harris12Oroville
MasonWilliam Henry15Oroville
BabcockMartha Anna18Oroville
DavisJoseph R.19Oroville
Peralta C. P. Du Fo23Oroville
WolcottCharles P.24Oroville
KneedlerGeorge W.29Oroville
Zinkinfant of Daniel31Oroville
BeardLinda H.32Oroville
KnowlesC. L.34Oroville
CorbierreC. F.35Oroville
DinsmoreW. G.37Oroville
HendricksWilliam T.39Oroville
StreeterDaniel Gates40Oroville
CookLevi Francis41Oroville
SanfordJohn Warren43Oroville
JohnsonElizabeth B.49Oroville
SchierfoldHerman Frederick50Oroville
LeRossignolHoward B.53Oroville
JohnsonMary A.55Los GatosObituary
BlackSarah Ann56Los GatosObituary
MadisonHenry Bennett57Los GatosObituary
WelchEphraim58Los Gatos
AndersonGudbyorg59Los Gatos
ForemanStanton60Los GatosObituary
MayhewWilliam Montgomery61Los GatosObituary
HoerlerHurbert62Los GatosObituary
PenwellHenry Carlton63Los Gatos
HamiltonJoseph E.64Los GatosObituary
McIntoshDuncan Bryant65Los GatosObituary
CooperSamuel Newell66Los GatosObituary
HarwoodWilliam Sumner67Los GatosObituary
MannAnna68Los Gatos
BartonMartha Coffin69Los Gatos
KepmerMay Morrison70Los GatosObituary
CoxJames Warren71Los GatosObituary
PrineAmos Barker72Los GatosObituary
FordEugene Long73Los GatosObituary
TrapaniFrank74Los Gatos
BeardJohn Dickey75Los GatosObituary
FirthJames76Los GatosObituary
BeanJohn77Los Gatos
WallaceCampbell W.78Los GatosObituary
BishopWilliam Aubrey79Los GatosObituary
CollWilliam Silvester80Los GatosObituary
DarnealEdward Marlborough81Los GatosObituary
SullivanJames Joseph82Los Gatos
OakesCarey83Los Gatos
KinseySolomon84Los Gatos
FalesAlexander Doreas85Los GatosObituary
SchmidtJohn87Los GatosObituary
RodulovichSpario88Los Gatos
EmmonsPrudence S.89Los GatosObituary
SpatzPauline90Los Gatos
MannIsrael D.91Los GatosObituary
ZieglerJoseph (infant)92Los Gatos
HallGeorge Milton93Los GatosObituary
OwensJosiah94Los GatosObituary
MorganAnne Eugeina Felicia95Los Gatos
PowerFlora96Los Gatos
EdwardsWilson Steven97Los Gatos
HanegressFreta98Los Gatos
ChiversLaura99Los GatosObituary
ErwinEvangeline100Los GatosObituary
HallWilliam101Los Gatos
AustinOtis Brown103Los GatosObituary
McIntyreWilliam B.102Los GatosObituary
AlexanderInfant of James104Los Gatos
JacobsJohn M.105Los GatosObituary
WalkerLeslie106Los Gatos
AustinHarry107Los Gatos
OlsonEsther Amalia108Los Gatos
SabinSidney Avery109Los Gatos
FletcherEmma Lynde Alvoid112Los Gatos
GelattDavid Clifford113Los GatosObituary
NobleBenjamin Henry114Los GatosObituary
ScofieldOrange Dayton115Los GatosObituary
JohnsonGeorge116Los Gatos
SeastreamMarie117Los Gatos
FrisbieStephen Henry118Los Gatos
FollettGiles Alfred119Los GatosObituary
SorensonSina Sophia120Los GatosObituary
AusmanEmily Loraine121Los Gatos
LawrenceStanley Monroe122Los Gatos
KaldunskiThomass T.123Los Gatos
ParkerJulia Anna124Los Gatos
ForrestJames Morton125Los GatosObituary
LawrenceLucy M.126Los Gatos
YellandEleanor Sherman127Los Gatos
KlotzWaldemar F.128Los GatosObituary
RobertsonAndrew Camp129Los GatosObituary
DyeNancy McGreer130Los GatosObituary
EllisThimothy William131Los Gatos
PrattDenison132Los GatosObituary
NestenMrs. Ellen133Los Gatos
DeaconWilliam134Los Gatos
KhumLam135Los Gatos
StevensMamie136Los Gatos
BuxtonJohn Wesley137Los GatosObituary
WellsEdith C.138Los Gatos
MartinLenard Jacob139Los GatosObituary
LaytonAaron140Los GatosObituary
Kent141Los Gatos
MasonWilliam Augustus142Los GatosObituary
BallSarah143Los GatosObituary
WightMary A.144Los GatosObituary
WallJoshua145Los GatosObituary
LawrenceLucinda146Los Gatos
StuartMary Elizabeth147Los Gatos
LadagnousHelene M.148Los Gatos
Van DenburghDaniel149Los Gatos
GurlachPercy A.150Los GatosObituary
ThompsonMary151Los Gatos
LightbodyJane Jannette S.152Los Gatos
LatimerGeorge153Los Gatos
FritschEmily Alice154Los Gatos
BoysFred Harrison155Los Gatos
SuamosaTako156Los Gatos
Van de VenterEllen157Los Gatos
Sakanaiinfant of S.158Los Gatos
CecilDon Francis159Los GatosObituary
RolandJoseph160Los Gatos
FlourneyJohn161Los GatosObituary
FairfieldAnn Morton162Los Gatos
MalloryCharles Wesley163Los GatosObituary
CoppleIrwin Charles164Los Gatos
AsedoCarrie165Los Gatos
WoodsGeorge Anthony166Los Gatos
JordanFrank E.167Los Gatos
MannElla S.168Los Gatos
MannAnnie Lorilla169Los GatosObituary
SineFrancis Nellie170Los Gatos
LyndonJohn Weldon171Los Gatos
EwanCatherine H.172Los Gatos
HeisingerForrest Earl173Los Gatos
RobertsonMartha Almira174Los Gatos
WithersJohn Even Price175Los Gatos
CaldwellGrace Louise176Los Gatos
EdwardsAlbert Earnest177Los GatosObituary
ClancyRobert K.178Los Gatos
BoutonHarriet Fowles179Los Gatos
MasonMay Reb180Los Gatos
CluttsRebecca Ann Caroline181Los GatosObituary
ButlerElvira Ann182Los GatosObituary
CollerWilliam183Los GatosObituary
TonakaMary184Los Gatos
MerrillKate Amelia185Los GatosObituary
BelknapCarrington186Los GatosObituary
DevereauxReuben187Los Gatos
LambFrancis Arthur188Los GatosObituary
SakanaiFrederick Toshi Measa189Los Gatos
MiehlEva190Los Gatos
DevereauxPolly M.191Los Gatos
PostHarriet Louise192Los Gatos
BailyRuamah Jane193Los Gatos
MusanteErnest194Los Gatos
DarnealCordelia Adelaid195Los GatosObituary
MorganElizabeth M. A.196Los GatosObituary
CrallEdward L.197Los GatosObituary
SickafooseGeorge W.198Los GatosObituary
LipscombEdna N.199Los GatosObituary
SavisariCatherine Louise200Los Gatos
NewcombHarley201Los Gatos
FrenchCharles D.202Los Gatos
ThompsonCharlotte S.203Los GatosObituary
AlexanderHarriet Marie204Los Gatos
WurzCharles205Los Gatos
ManionWilliam A.206Los Gatos
MahanJames Henry207Los Gatos
LockwoodCharles Hanford208Los Gatos
ForbesWilliam209Los Gatos
HedzaAnastacia Hernandez210Los Gatos
InghamAbbie W.211Los GatosObituary
HarrisWilliam Henry212Los Gatos
BurgozJules213Los Gatos
PowellCharles George214Los Gatos
JohnsonCharlotte Marjorie215Los Gatos
TashiroTanne216Los Gatos
McCartneyPaden Aram217Los Gatos
WitheyHadassah218Los Gatos
LordSamuel Leotus219Los Gatos
BerryJosephine Debora220Los Gatos
HallMary221Los Gatos
HowellCharles Franklin222Los Gatos
YoshaiokaS.223Los Gatos
HammangNellie224Los Gatos
BeatieGeorge Wallace225Los Gatos
KnowlesSabra Ann226Los Gatos
HubbellMatthew227Los Gatos
BakerJames Edward228Los Gatos
MasonAmelia B.229Los Gatos
CalleyHarriet Elizabeth Proctor230Los GatosObituary
WarwickWilliam231Los GatosObituary
WalbridgeElizabeth Jane232Los GatosObituary
JoyCharles Henry233Los Gatos
LyndonOra Everett234Los GatosObituary
PeckWesley235Los GatosObituary
BowmanElizabeth236Los Gatos
BainterDelila237Los Gatos
AtkinsonHenry A.238Los Gatos
GlennonMichael239Los GatosObituary
KershawSophia Wood240Los GatosObituary
VincentBert Harden241Los GatosObituary
SissonNancy Jane242Los GatosObituary
DickensonHiram Martin243Los Gatos
GreenhillHumphrey D.244Los Gatos
ClevelandEllis Ephraim245Los Gatos
GrayEmily246Los Gatos
BaconRussel247Los Gatos
BrownCharles W.248Los Gatos
FinlayAnna Eliza249Los Gatos
WeedSusan R.250Los Gatos
ReynoldsHarriet A.251Los Gatos
WinningEli Arthur252Los GatosObituary
NorrisAgnes R.253Los Gatos
RansomMary Hadassah254Los GatosObituary
InouyeFrank Hiromu255Los Gatos
TheasbyPhilip256Los GatosObituary
RootD. H.257Los Gatos
BaconOlive258Los Gatos
ShermantineCatherine259Los Gatos
MarshSarah Maria260Los Gatos
GillFronia C.261Los Gatos
BrunskullStephen M.262Los Gatos
MilliganDavid Harvey263Los GatosObituary
McCarthyEllen264Los Gatos

About the Records

Charles S. Topping operated a funeral parlor in Los Gatos, California, with records spanning from 1905 to 1919 across two volumes. This volume is the first and covers the years of 1905 through 1914. In 1919, Edwin H. Melvin assumed management, subsequently renaming it Melvin Funeral Parlor (refer to their records for more details). While it’s clear the Topping parlor was active before 1905 in Oroville, these records initiate in January of that year; I do not know what happened to the earlier record books and/or if they still exist.

According to Bill Ellis, Charles S. Topping’s grandson, his grandfather was Los Gatos’s first mortician, potentially establishing the parlor before 1886, predating A. F. Place’s business. I have found evidence only supporting the operation of the Charles S. Topping parlor in 1895 and 1898 in Oroville, not Los Gatos. In Los Gatos the Topping Funeral Parlor was eventually located at 249 West Main Street in 1908, housed on the first floor of a gray building adjacent to the Happy Dragon. That home is now blue.

Mr. Topping was known to be acquainted with some of the impoverished Chinese residents in the area, often providing private funeral services free of charge. During the Chinese New Year, the community reciprocated his kindness with gifts. This narrative is recounted by his grandson, Bill. However, it should be noted that such acts of service are not documented in the records mentioned, other than by Bill’s statement, coming 2nd hand.


Topping, C.S., Charles S. Topping Funeral Parlor Records, 1905 to 1914, Los Gatos Library 100 Villa Avenue Los Gatos, CA 95030.

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