Surname -E- 1922 Watsonville California City Directory

The original manuscript contains an alphabetical list of streets and avenues with all the house numbers arranged in numerical order, followed by the name of the head of the household. We have changed the way this information reads, after all, you are looking for your ancestors name and do not need instructions to get to the residence which is probably no longer in existence.

Last NameFirst NameAddressHouse #Page #
EaglesonJasCalifornia e fr Sudden bet High and Palm av2162
EarleE. A. (Mrs)Lake Av East fr 500 Main2565
EarlsJ. W.Fifth West fr 601 Main173
EastW. A.Kilburn n fr 36 W 5th to Ford 1 blk w of Main315
EasterdayG. S.Main North continuation of Main98
EatonR. T.Lincoln n fr river to city limits 4 blks e of Main2106
EatonF. E.Third E fr 400 Main10811
EatonOrrinThird E fr 400 Main24511
Ebert Motor CoVan Ness Av (formerly Rodriguez) n fr river to Lake av 1 blk w of Main23312
EchenbergerH. B.Upper Main continuation fo Main st n fr No. 72690711
EckelHelen E. (Mrs)Blackburn s fr 400 E Lake av 4 blks e of Main4161
Economy StroeMain dividing street of city east and west2737
EdringtonM. E. (Mrs.)Lincoln n fr river to city limits 4 blks e of Main4156
EliottGilbertLake Av East fr 500 Main4105
EllisH. H.Brennan n fr 39 E Lake av 1 blk e of Main1152
EllisA. V.Central Av e fr 232 Main202
EltisteFritzMain dividing street of city east and west6528
EmlayEdith (Mrs)Andrews Court e fr 540 Main91
Emps Appleton HotelThird E fr 400 Main10011
Emps Appleton HotelVan Ness Av (formerly Rodriguez) n fr river to Lake av 1 blk w of Main31412
EmpsonW. L.Jefferson n. fr 231 E Lake ave 3 blks e of Main not open bet Palm and California4154
EnemarkN. J.Ford w fr 700 Main293
EngQuong S.Main dividing street of city east and west486
ErdmanR. T.Main North continuation of Main1108
EricksonO. H.Fifth West fr 601 Main47 rear3
EsbeckA. N.High e fr 12 N Main1014
EspindolaW. J.Lake Av East fr 500 Main2325
Espindola (gro)W. J.Third E fr 400 Main1111
EstellLena (Mrs)Rodriguez n fr W Lake 1 blk w of Main5119
EsterbergJ.Lincoln n fr river to city limits 4 blks e of Main6156
EvansL. E.Main North continuation of Main548
EversonJohnBridge e from 166 Main1422
EveyCarlStanford e fr 30 N Main20110
EwellW. H.Blackburn s fr 400 E Lake av 4 blks e of Main4241
Ewell Fruit CoWall St w fr 401 Main3412
EwersL. B.Locust n fr 232 First2366

Our thanks to Janece Carter Streig for contributing this database.

1922 Watsonville, Santa Cruz County, California City Directory

Source: Householders’ Guide of the City of Watsonville, Compiled and Published by Western Directory Co. Local Office: 9 Locust Street, Santa Cruz, Calif.


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