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Transportation Facilities

San Mateo County’s spectacular growth during the last ten years, when it has almost quadrupled in population, has been made possible by steadily improving transportation facilities which now serve every portion of the...

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San Mateo County,  Today and Tomorrow

San Mateo County is a good place to live. Bay and ocean-girt and mountain-crowned, it is a little wonderland of a thousand unique and distinctive charms. Better than just being a good place to live, it is an easy place to reach...

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The San Mateo County News

The San Mateo County News, the only daily newspaper in San Mateo County, is published in the city of San Mateo every afternoon except Sundays and holidays and was founded by A. P. Bellisle and J. D. Bromfield in the year 1914,...

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Suburban Development Period

The last stage in the development of San Mateo County, from the standpoint of the ownership and apportionment of the soil is now at hand, and consists of the division of large portions of the magnificent country estates...

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Spanish Colonial Activity

The rehabilitation was keenly felt throughout the Spanish colonies, particularly in Mexico and the Californias, all of which were ably administered by Jose Galvez, the great agent of the Spanish crown  in America, whose zeal and...

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South San Francisco, San Mateo County, California

The City of South San Francisco had its beginning in the fertile brain of Peter E. Iler of Omaha, Nebraska. In 1889-90 Mr. Iler obtained options on 3,500 acres fronting on the bay of San Francisco, at San Bruno Point. Thereupon...

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Schools of San Mateo County

The school system of San Mateo County embraces the kindergarten, the primary schools, the grammar schools and high schools. From the time children reach school age until ready for the university, they may attend school and...

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Some Old Resorts of San Mateo County

These pleasant places, some of which were in existence as far back as the early fifties, played their part in the development of the county. It was in their attractive environments that many of the most prominent business and...

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County Real Estate Values

Taking into consideration the accessibility of home properties, in the various parts of San Mateo County, to San Francisco, their beautiful and inspiring surroundings, balmy climate, modern type of improvements and the...

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