Surname -M- 1948 Directory Alturas California

This is the transcription of the June, 1948 City Directory that belonged to  Mr. Ballard, Modoc County Recorder. This directory includes  Lassen and  Modoc Counties and Sections of Plumas, Shasta and Tehama Counties.  This is only the town of Alturas. All entries are for June 1948.

Last NameFirst NameAddressTelephoneNumberPage #
MackeyEr Berry AddRed4914
MaherJames1515 EastBlack5624
Maita Bros Ranch14-F-124
MapesC W Jrr 1613 EastRed13424
MapesJames Cr No 21 Vets UnitBlack24924
MarrU Br EastRed16234
Marr's Clothing Store1001 MainMain10514
Marshall Henry Body Shop1304 W EighthRed4514
MarshallW CRed17024
MarstersHaroldr EstesBlack12114
Masonic TempleBlack10624
MathewsBillr FourthBlack14024
MathewsN Gr RiversideBlack9024
MayTomr HowardBlack8924
McArthur Floyd Pontiac2104 MainMain24014
McCartorHoracer ThirdBlack17744
McCaughanA Wr E FourthRed9824
McCaughan's GroceryTwelfthBlack22924
McCawW Jr 1122 EastBlack20714
McCulleyGeorge LrRed13034
McCulleyL Er SecondRed15234
McGarvaRobertr EastRed13434
McGheeTessie Mrsr 1947 MainMain6824
McHughP Jr 1135 RineRed11924
McKenneyJ Paul Drr MainMain16034
McKenney & McKenney DrsofcMain16014
McKenneyPhilip DrrMain16024
McLaughlinFatherr 503 FourthBlack8514
McMillanAlexCampbell AptsBlack11935
McTimmondsDorothy MrsrRed4825
McVeaghJohn SrrRed16925
MeyersJohnr 1417 East BRed8535
MillerA Er FourthBlack11725
MillerA M Mrsr EastRed12535
MillerEtta Pepperdiner CourtRed3425
MillerMellier EastBlack14625
MilliganH Rr EstesBlack4735
MitchellC LCRed14735
Model Cleaners1334 MainBlack10615
Modoc CleanersModoc HotelRed24515
Modoc Cash GroceryMain27215
Modoc Const CoBlack26925
Modoc County ofAgricultural CommissionerBlack21525
Modoc County ofAgricultural Extension ServiceRed9625
Modoc County ofAssessorRed9615
Modoc County ofAuditor and RecorderRed225
Modoc County ofBureau of IdentificationMain25315
Modoc County ofClerkMain19515
Modoc County ofCounty Health and PhysicianMain16015
Modoc County ofCounty HospitalRed1435
Modoc County ofDepartment of Social WelfareBlack21515
Modoc County ofDistrict AttorneyMain4315
Modoc County ofJustice of The PeaceRed21515
Modoc County ofLibraryMain17115
Modoc County ofLibrary, School Dept ThirdBlack20225
Modoc County ofNew County HospitalMain715
Modoc County ofProbation OfficerMain25325
Modoc County ofPublic AdministratorMain4315
Modoc County ofSheriffMain1515
Modoc County ofSuperintendent of SchoolsBlack215
Modoc County ofSuperior JudgeMain16815
Modoc County ofSurveyorBlack9615
Modoc County ofTreasurer and Tax CollectorBlack225
Modoc Co Chamber of CommerceNorthMain12015
Modoc Co Farm BureauMainMain22815
Modoc County RecordMainMain4415
Modoc Credit BureauNCO bldgRed22615
Modoc Gas CoMainMain25115
Modoc Hotel1238 MainMain2115
Modoc Meat CoMainMain24415
Modoc Mobilgas StationRedding hwyRed15625
Modoc Motors1259 MainMain20015
Modoc National Farm Loan AssnMain20415
Modoc Tractor CoRedding hwyRed15615
Modoc Trucking CoMainMain22325
Modoc Union High School1900 MainMain16515
MoffittClarencer MainRed17935
MooreCharles Hr RineBlack18135
MoorePeter E SeventhRed25235
MorganHaroldr Redding hwyRed18615
MorganO Dofc ModocMain7015
MorganO DR West ABlack6415
MorelyGeo1020 EstesBlack23835
MorrisonFannie Mrsr 2109 CourtRed3415
Moty & Van Dyke1115 MainMain18015
Mountain Lily Dairy Inc1321 CarlosMain18215
MoyerA FMcVeagh AptRed16935
Moyer Gravel CoLakeview hwyRed22715
MoyerRogerr FourthRed14015
MusselmanRoss RrRed3215
MyersJohnr 1417 East BRed8535

Our thanks to Janece Carter Streig for contributing this database.

1948 Directory, Alturas, Modoc County, California

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