Surprise Valley Record for August 1922

Surprise Valley Record, Cedarville, Modoc County, California, August 1922

Wednesday, August 2, 1922

Last Thursday, Jamie Prewitt was petting a dog that had been kicked by a horse and the dog licked his hand, which had a sore on it, and almost immediately after that the dog commenced frothing at the mouth and whirling around and ran into the house snapping and snarling and acting in every way as though it had the rabies. They got the dog into a room and killed him. Jamie left for Berkeley last Saturday where he will take the Pasteur treatment, precluding any danger of infection.

Mr. Jefferson and wife, (nee Sadie Bassett), of Placer County, was here this week on a short visit, and Mrs. Jefferson renewing old time acquaintances. They were on their outing and will visit several places in Oregon before returning.

Committed Suicide
Fred Hahn, of Reederville, in the south end of the valley, committed suicide last evening. It seems that he had been drinking heavily for sometime and a few minutes before committing the act he told his wife that he had taken his last drink, and stepping into a room he say down on the bed and shot himself thru the head with an automatic pistol, causing instant death.

The pencil factory at Alturas will start up this week blocking out wood, which will be shipped below for the manufacture of pencils. Next year it is expected that the pencils will be manufactured in Alturas.

Claude Coonse had his preliminary examination before a Justice of the Peace at Alturas last week and was bound over to the Superior Court with bonds at $3000.

Miss Delores Connelly, sister of Mrs. W. H. Hussa, of this place, accompanied little Walter Hussa, arrived here last week from San Rafael. Walter has been spending the past year with his grandmother at San Rafael.

S. O. Cressler returned here from San Francisco last Friday and reports that he is feeling first rate again. While below he had five X-rays taken but no abnormal conditions were found. He expects to go out to Guano Valley in a few days.

Wednesday, August 9, 1922

Arrested For Bootlegging
This morning Sheriff Poore left here for Alturas, taking with him Charley Wilson and Charley Vansickle charged with bootlegging. He also took J. Hoopes over as a witness, we understand. It seems that a couple of federal officers have been in the valley for sometime gathering evidence and more arrests are apprehended.

Mrs. Susan L. Rosman, of Townsend, Montana, arrived here Sunday, called here by the tragic death of her brother, Fred Hahn. She arrived too late for the funeral, as it was impossible to hold the remains owing to the advanced stage of decomposition. Mrs. Rosman is a lady refinement and ability, and is the treasurer of Bridgewater County, Montana.

Mrs. Bert Hudspeth and children were over from Alturas last week visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Josie Allenwood.

Warren G. Robinson left last week for Lodi, where he was married to Miss Alma Campbell. The bride taught school in the Cottonwood district the last term, and the groom is a steady and energetic young man of this place. The Record, along with other friends, extends hearty congratulations to the newly wedded pair.

Born – Near Cedarville, Cal., August 4, 1922, to Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Stimers, a daughter.

Mrs. Howard Hedgepeth and children left last week for Chico, where she will visit for a time.

Yesterday, while Heath Stanley was cranking an auto, the engine “kicked”, breaking one of the bones in his right are above the wrist.

C. J. Russell and family left last week for Oakland, where they took their daughter, Miss Edna who will attend the University of California this winter.

Fort Bidwell Items

Mrs. F. M. Conlan and grand daughter are visiting at the home of Mrs. S. J. Smith this week.

Some of the ranchers have contracted their hay to the Indians to put up. The Indian wives are cooking for the men.

Frank Greene showed us last week a number of bugs that he had taken from the Alfalfa fields, and said that there were millions of them at work destroying the alfalfa. They are about half an inch in length and are said to be voracious and destroy everything in their path. The grasshoppers are also reported numerous in some places in the valley this summer and are injuring the corps to greater or less extent.

Wednesday, August 16, 1922

Married In Lodi
Lodi, Cal., Aug. 7, 1922 – At a simple ceremony in the presence of a number of friends and relatives, Miss Alma G. Campbell and Warren Carpenter Robinson were married yesterday in the Lodi M. E. Church by Dr. E. E. Beeks, pastor of the Salinas M. E. Church. The bride entered on the are of her father to the strains of Mendelosshn’s Wedding March, played by Mrs. Marto of Stockton. The double ring service was used in exchanging the marriage vows. The bride’s gown was of white satin with georgette drapes. She wore a veil caught in the back with a wreath of orange blossoms. The bridesmaids, the Misses Lois and Ethel Campbell, wore taffeta and carried pink roses. The bride’s shower bouquet was white roses and lilies of the valley. Gus Raggio of Stockton was best man and Everett king of Stockton as usher. A buffet luncheon was served at the home of Mrs. Robinson’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Campbell, 229 south Lee Avenue, following the service. Mrs. Robinson is a graduate of the Western Normal School at Stockton. She has been teaching in Cedarville, Modoc County, where she met Mr. Robinson. Her sweet and womanly ways have won for her many friends in both Lodi and Stockton, where she was connected with the Americanization work. The groom is the only son of Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Robinson of Cedarville, and is engaged in business in that city. He attended the University of Nevada two years. Following a wedding trip to San Francisco and Lake Tahoe, they will return to Cedarville. – Stockton Daily Evening Record.

Born – Near Cedarville, Cal., Aug. 9, 1922, to Mr. and Mrs. Victor Rinehart, a son.

E. L. Eachus, wife and daughter and Mrs. Thrailkill and children left today for Portola. Mrs. Thrailkill has been visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Stimers, of this place, for sometime.

Henry Wolf and wife of San Luis Obispo, accompanied by their daughter, arrived here last Thursday and are the guest of their sister and Brother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Grant Adams, Mrs. Wolf was formerly, Mrs. Jessie Hickerson and was born and raised at Fort Bidwell and are on a visit to relatives and friends.

Robert Hansen left Saturday for San Jose, accompanied by Miss Doris Robinson and Miss Edna Wentzell, who will attend the Epworth League Institute at Lake Tahoe and Robert will visit his mother at San Jose.

Last Saturday William Williams was brought in from the Long Valley Ranch of Miller & Lux. He was suffering from intestinal trouble, necessitating and operation, which was performed Sunday night, but the case had been too long deferred and he passed away Monday morning about ten o’clock, leaving a wife and child. He and his wife had come to the ranch to do the cooking only a few days before he was taken ill, and were in somewhat straitened circumstances, which were relieved for the present by the generosity of our citizens.

Born – Near Cedarville, Cal., Aug. 14, 1922, to the wife of Wm Wilder, a son.

Father Brady, of Lakeview, came over yesterday to conduct the funeral of William Williams.

Mrs. Arthur Harris underwent an operation at Dr. Coates’ Sanitarium last Monday and at this writing is getting along nicely.

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Rinehart were in from Guano this week, bringing their son Edward, who is returning to his school at San Rafael.

Wednesday, August 23, 1922

Born – At Lake City, Cal., August 18, 1922, to Mr. and Mrs. Clint Jones, a daughter.

Joel Allen returned last week from Reno, where he had his tonsils and adenoids removed and is getting along nicely.

It is reported that Mrs. Annie Largent, of Lake City and William Ebling were married at Lakeview last Sunday.

Card of Thanks – I desire to extend my heartfelt thanks to the kind people of Cedarville who assisted me during the illness and death of my husband, William Williams. Mrs. Alice Williams

We had the pleasure of meeting W. C. Low, of Oakland, last week. He is visiting in the valley, the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Evan Gaustad, and is a pleasant young man to meet. He is a nephew of Mrs. Gaustad.

Last Saturday evening while Mr. and Mrs. Leon B. Lewis was returning from Bidwell met with an accident. Mr. Lewis started to crank the machine, which in some manner had got into reverse, and it plunged into a ditch and came near over turning, and bruising both more or less.

Born – At Eagleville, Cal., August 15th, 1922, to the wife of Carrol Baty, a daughter

Born – At Eagleville, Cal., August 20, 1922, to the wife of James Hope, a daughter.

Mr. Kenyon, employed in the Ford Garage here, met with a very painful injury last week by running a piece of steel filing into his thumb. The doctor removed the filing and his thumb is getting along nicely.

L. E. McCulley and wife and Children and Mrs. E. R. Boston and daughter, Mildred left last week for Washington where they will visit Mrs. Cathcart, Mother of Mrs. Boston and Mrs. McCulley.

A man named “Red George” had five ribs and a leg broken in a run away, which occurred at the Gerlach ranch last Thursday.

Wednesday August 30, 1922

Miss Doris Robinson was operated on at the Sanitarium here, last Saturday for appendicitis and is getting along nicely.

Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Wilson motored to Gerlach last Sunday, where they met and brought back their daughter, Mrs. Erma Misely and baby, who will visit here for a time.

Death Of Mrs. John Stewart
Mrs. John Stewart died at El Cerrito last Thursday and her remains were brought here Monday evening for interment. Death was caused by cancer of the throat, complicated with pneumonia at the last. Mrs. Stewart was one of the pioneer residents of this place and left for the lower country a few months ago in the hopes of obtaining relief from her terrible afflictions. She leaves to mourn her loss a husband, five sons, Frank, John, Joseph, James and Lee Stewart and one daughter, Nora, to whom their many friends extend deepest sympathy in their sad affliction. The funeral will be held here today at 2 o’clock p.m.

Mr. and Mrs. Wm Cockrell of Eagleville returned last week from a trip to the south. They were accompanied by Miss Katherine Hudspeth, who has been visiting her father, A. D. Hudspeth at Bangor, Cal.

Married – At Martinez, Cal., June 8th, 1922, Miss Emmeline Stimers and A. W. Chaffy, of Oakland. The Record extends hearty congratulation and best wishes for life long happiness and prosperity.

Mr. and Mrs. Chaffy arrived here last Thursday on the Gerlach Auto Stage and will visit Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Stimers and family and later expect to go to Denver, Colorado.

Miss Hope Ward underwent an operation for appendicitis at the Sanitarium here, last Sunday.

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