Surprise Valley Record for January 1922

Surprise Valley Record, Cedarville, Modoc County, California, January 1922

Wednesday, January 4, 1922

Alex Weilmunster and Mrs. Daisy Weilmunster were married at Reno one day last week and returned to their ranch in Long Valley. [1]Note: They were married in 1912. ??? BCR

H. B. Stephens of Fort Bidwell went to San Francisco last week to be at the bedside of his son, Harry, who is reported seriously ill. We hope to hear of his recovery very soon.

McCulley & Rea have dissolved partnership in the McCulley & Rea hardware business, which they have conducted here for the past ten years. See their advertisement.

NOTICE – As I am going out of business in about a month, all accounts must be settled by that time by cash or bankable noted. A. D. Hudspeth Eagleville, Cal., Jan. 3, 1922

McCulley & Rea are preparing to dissolve partnership. Mr. McCulley get the ranch property and intends to make a real dairy ranch out of the property, while Mr. Rea takes the store and intends to prove that the war is over by cutting the price of goods to where they belong.

Wednesday, January 11, 1922

A. Bieber, one of the pioneer merchants of Lakeview, and brother of N. Bieber, the founder of Bieber, Lassen County, died in San Francisco on December 29th. Thus, one by one the old-timers of the north are passing over to the Great Beyond. None of the younger generation will ever know, or appreciate the trials and vicissitudes passed thru by those old pioneers who paved the way for civilization and settlements of this northern country. And the worst of it is that they will all soon be forgotten, except by a very few.

But very few, if any, of the parties now living in Sunrise remember the time when Cedarville went by the name of Deep Creek; but such is a fact. One day last week Grant Adams showed us a business card of the firm of Cressler & Bonner, which he has had since 1873. On the card is the firm name of Cressler & Bonner, Dealers in General Merchandise, Tobaccos, Clothing, etc., with the address given as Deep Creek, Cal. Of Course the name was later changed to Cedarville. Cressler & Bonner engaged in the mercantile business here in 1868, and many changes has been made since that time, but never before last week, did we know that this place was ever called Deep Creek.

Earl Boston returned last week from a trip to below, where he went to take Pete Larragorry to San Quentin. He reports having a good trip and said that it is quite cool down there and that they had much rain there.

Frank McArthur, one of the most energetic business men ever in Modoc, came up from his home at San Francisco to be present at the railroad meeting last week. If all our citizens took the same interest in Modoc affairs as does Mr. McArthur, the country affairs would be greatly improved.

Thomas Wentzell left yesterday for Oroville and from there to Sacramento and other places. While below he will undergo treatment for stomach trouble, and on his return will bring back a drilling machine, which will be used for drilling for water on Captain Johnstone’s holdings at Massacre Lake.

Loyd Coates returned to Reno last week, where he is attending the State University.

John Stewart, Jr., left yesterday for Oakland and will remain there for a time.

Postmistress Street and Thos Wylie were visitors at the county seat last Sunday.

Frank Smith of Bidwell left last week for Oakland where he will spend the winter. We all wish him a pleasant visit and safe return.

Miss Elsie Kober and Miss Marie Baty, of Bidwell left here last Sunday for Oakland, where they will attend Business College this winter.

George H. Morgan was down from near Lake City, last Monday. He has not been in good health for sometime and was down to consult Dr. Kennedy.

Robert Hansen departed Monday for Watsonville and other places south and will be absent for a few weeks. Dame Rumor says he’s not coming back alone.

Mr. and Mrs. Ernie fee, of Bidwell was down last week, bringing their son, Lawrence, who went to Reno to enter the State University, of which he is a student.

Miss Mildred Street, who spent her vacation with her mother and family, left last Sunday for Oakland, where she will resume her studies at Heald’s Business College.

We understand that Fred Murphy has sold his interest in the Murphy Bros., Stock Company to Walter Johnstone, of this place. The property is situated in the southern part of the valley and is one of the best in it.

Last week the partnership of Hanks & Hoopes, in the livery business, was dissolved. Mr. Hanks retiring and Mr. Hoopes, is continuing the business. Mr. Hoopes is an all right liveryman and stock left in his care will be well attended to.

Guy Gooch took a four horse team and wagon with a hay rack on it, and hay in the rack, and then gathered up all the youngsters he could find and took them over to the Hapgood reservoir last Sunday, where the young folks enjoyed themselves in a day of good skating, and all report and excellent time.

The officers of the Surprise Valley Bank were elected last Saturday as follows: F. E. Bush, President; J. R. Wilson, Vice President; James Heryford, Treasurer; and K. M. Street, Secretary and Cashier. The conservative manner of handling business has won for it many friends and it is forging ahead on a solid basis.

Sumisky, the cattle buyer was here during the past week, as was also a man named Carter. The former purchased the cattle of Charles Cummins, Heb Miller, Luman Foskett and E. J. Beebe, and the latter purchased some from Mode Page, and several other small lots. We understand that the price paid was five and three-quarters cents delivered at Alturas.

M. Dietz, who recently disposed of his interest in the Sanitary Plumbing Company to Jack Argraves, has accepted a contract to install a stamp mill at Fandango holdings of the Goose Lake gold Mining Company, in which a number of local people are interested. The company has purchased a stamp mill from one the companies, which at one time operated at High Grade.

Wednesday, January 18, 1922

Dan Hanks is reported ill with threatened pneumonia.

Born – In Cedarville, cal., Jan. 11, 1922, to the wife of Dr. Durkee, a son

Born – In Cedarville, Cal., Jan. 16, 1922, to Rev. and Mrs. E. E. Beach, a daughter

Born – At Eagleville, Cal., Jan. 9th, 1922, to the wife of Earnest Murphy, a daughter.

J. F. Klinkenbard and bride arrived here from Portland last week and expects to reside here in the future.

Miss Muriel Wilson and brother, Joe, were reported on the sick list this past week but are now convalescing.

Mrs. C. T. Sharp was reported quite ill last week with pneumonia, but is reported as improving at this writing.

Mrs. Maude Keeney left Monday for Adin where she will visit there for a while and go below for medical treatment.

I. S. Brown, of this place, received the sad news last week of the death of his brother, which occurred at Piketown, Ohio, on January 3rd.

Roy Baker, of the Fort Bidwell Bank, passed through the north end of town last Sunday. Where he was going, the Lord only knows for we don’t, but as he was going at the speed of double geared lightening, it’s a cinch that he got to someplace mighty quick.

The second trial for George Sweeney will be held at Alturas on the 23rd of January. The following jurors from this valley have been summoned: Mrs. Mae Page, Homer Beeson, George W. Warrens, Rufus Stout, C. F. Wheeler, Mrs. Annie Cline, Chris Hansen, W. A. Odbert, Jr., Miss Celia Daniels, J. A. Dyke, Frank Bucher.

The Dalles, Oregon, Dec. 29, 1921 – The announcement of the marriage of Charles F. Catlin, formerly of Cedarville, Cal. High school student and graduate, to Miss Ruth Shoun, of Fossil, Wheeler County, Oregon. Mr. Catlin is well known in Surprise Valley and his wife is of a prominent family of Fossil. He is attending the State College at Corvallis and his wife is also there attending the College in a course of music.

Mr. and Mrs. S. Cole, of Lake City, left last week for the lower country, where they will spend the balance of the winter. Mr. Cole has been in ill health for sometime and hopes the lower altitude will prove beneficial.

Will S. Hayes, Postmaster General, has accepted a position as Director General of the Moving Picture combination, and will resign his present office.

Wednesday, January 25, 1922

Death Of Mrs J. D. Royce Died – Near Cedarville, Cal., Jan. 22, 1922, Mrs. Alice J. Royce, beloved wife of J. D. Royce and mother of Joseph, John, Dan, Charley, Ike and Howard of this place and Mrs. Maryetta Place, of Pasco, Wash., and Mrs. Clara Gaby, of Loganport, Indiana, aged 76 years. Her funeral was held from the M. E. Church Monday afternoon, conducted by Rev. E. E. Beach. The remains were laid to rest in the Cedarville Cemetery. Deepest sympathy is extended to the bereaved family in their hour of sorrow.

Born – In Lake City, Cal., Jan. 14, 1922, to Mr. and Mrs. Noel Heard, a son.

Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Baty’s residence, near Eagleville, was consumed by fire one day last week. By hard work, their furniture was saved.

Walter Rea was confined to his home last week on account of illness and Fulton Heard attended the store. Mr. Rea is able to attend to business again.

Died – at the home of his daughter, Mrs. May Wright, at Piketown, Ohio, Jan. 3rd, 1922, Wm J. Brown aged 85 years. Deceased was the father of I. S. Brown, of this place.

Married – At San Francisco, Cal., Jan. 21, 1922, Harry W. Stephens to Miss Amy Hayes. Both are popular young people of this valley, and their many friends of this place extend hearty congratulations and wish them a joyous voyage over the sea of life.


1Note: They were married in 1912. ??? BCR

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