Surprise Valley Record for July 1922

Surprise Valley Record, Cedarville, Modoc County, California, July 1922

Wednesday, July 3, 1922

A man named Dodson, of Susanville was arrested for bootlegging at Alturas last Saturday. He had a large quantity of liquor and evidently came prepared to do an extensive business. We are also told that four or five other bootleggers were jailed during the Round up for bootlegging and will later on have their trial. This speaks well for the activity of the Alturas officials.

Born – In Lakeview, Oregon, June 22nd, 1922, to Mr. and Mrs. O. R. Decious, a son.

Died From Rabies
One day last week Homer McConnell, who lives near High Rock, Nevada was taken to Reno for treatment for the rabies. It seems that sometime ago one of Mr. McConnell’s daughters was bitten on the hand by a calf that was acting in a strange manner, and the calf was killed and the head sent out for analysis and the returns were that it was a pronounced case of the rabies. The daughter was sent to Reno for treatment and last week Mr. McConnell exhibited all the symptoms of the rabies, and he had undoubtedly become infected while preparing the calf’s head to be sent for examination. On the way to Reno he became very violent, but no news of his condition has been since his arrival at Reno. Later – The Reno Journal of the 4th inst. states that Mr. McConnell died July 3rd and his remains were interred at Reno yesterday afternoon. This is indeed a sad affair and the many friends of the family feels deepest sympathy for the wife and five young children that he leaves behind. He was a native of North Carolina and aged 43 years.

Death Of E. P. Strief
On June 5th the sad message came that death had taken from our midst our beloved brother and friend. Emanuel Peter Strief at the home of Mr. and Mrs. George Sweeney, where watchful care and ministering hands had comforted and cared from the departed one through the last month of his illness. Emanuel Peter Strief was the son of Mr. and Mrs. John B. Strief. He was born in the State of Illinois, Effingham Co., March 29th, 1954, (I think this was supposed to be 1854), Died June 5th, 1922. The ones left to mourn the loss of a kind and loving brother are Messrs. W. T. and S. B. Strief, Mrs. Anna Hoarth, Mrs. Hattie Sweeney all of Lake City, besides a large number of kindred and friends. The scribe cannot express the exemplary life of the departed neighbor and friend. His acts to the ones that knew him in the daily walk of life is more then books or scrolls for his life will live on the memory of those who knew him best. He was a member of the First Baptist Church here and was faithful in all his religious departments. The funeral was held from the home of Mr. and Mrs. George Sweeney, Elder C. H. Darst conducting the services, reading from 2nd Corinthians, 5th Chapter, Tex, Revelations 14:13. The remains were laid to rest in the lake City cemetery. How fittingly the words described the sermon on the Mountainside, as Jesus went and took his seat.

Roy Stanley has been quite ill during the past week, but is now recovering.

Mrs. Nettie Lewis, mother of Leon B. Lewis of this place, arrived here from Colorado today and will visit Mr. and Mrs. Lewis for a time.

Cal Sharp and wife both former residents but now of Los Angeles, arrived here yesterday and will visit old time friends for a time.

The little son of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Harriman was so far recovered from his accident from being kicked by a horse, as to be removed to his home last week.

We are under obligations to James Porter and Jake Pepperdine for helping us out of a bad scrape with tire trouble while on our way to Alturas last Saturday. Many thanks, gentlemen.

Miss Opal Strief was operated on at Dr. Coates’ Sanitarium here a few days ago by Dr. Kelty of Lakeview and Dr. Coates. She is getting along nicely at this writing and it is hoped she will soon entirely recover from the operation.

Wednesday, July 12, 1922

Death Of Mrs. O. P. Kistler
The sad news was received here a few days ago of the death of Mrs. Minnie Kistler, wife of Oliver P. Kistler, formerly of this place, had died at Berkeley on the 4th inst., her death being due to cancer of the stomach. Mrs. Kistler was a noble woman and beloved by all who knew her and her many friends here remember her as a willing worker for all things clean and up lifting morally and spiritually, and was ever ready to help the sick and needy. She is survived by her husband, a son and daughter and two sisters, Mrs. J. H. Hawkins, of this place and Mrs. James H. Williams, and one brother Walter Drouillard, and other relatives, to mourn her death, and to whom their many friends extends sympathy in their sad affliction.

A Plucky Woman
While engaged in her duties about the home of Mr. and Mrs. Vern Parman, near Lake City, last Friday morning, Mrs. Parman stepped on a huge rattlesnake, which bit her on the ankle. Being alone at the time she exhibited a remarkable degree of courage and good judgment by cording the ankle above the bite and sucked the poison from the wound and killed the snake. She then phoned to Mr. and Mrs. George Parman and told them what had happened and they immediately brought her to Cedarville for treatment, and when assured that she was in no danger, collapsed for a few hours, and is now recovered from the effects of the bite. The snake was a very large one, having twelve rattles.

Born – In Cedarville, Cal., July 1, 1922, to the wife of Ed White, a daughter.

Born – In Cedarville, Cal., July 9, 1922, to the wife of John Harriman, a daughter.

Lake City News

Mrs. Vern Parman was badly bitten by a rattlesnake last week, but at this time is fast recovering from the effects.

George Heard and wife has moved into his new house. Mr. Heard has a new artesian well that has been brought in by Dan E. Gloster.

J. D. Watson has been over on the Eastside of the valley surveying reservoir sites.

James Deemer is in from Long valley.

Born – Near Cedarville, Cal., July 10, 1922, to the wife of John Vernon, a daughter.

The Misses Lily and May Fogerty and two nieces were over from Alturas Sunday, visiting Mr. and Mrs. John Wood.

John Hawkins and wife returned from Oakland last Friday. John says Surprise is plenty good enough for him to live in.

“Spot” Wallace hurt his hand while haying last week and blood poisoning set in, giving him considerable trouble, but he is now getting better.

Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Wilson and daughter, Muriel and Wm Evarts returned last Saturday from a several days’ visit at Lovelock, Nevada, where they spent the 4th.

Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Leonard and Mrs. Jesse Strotts made a trip to High Rock to visit the families of Mrs. McConnell and Mr. and Mrs. Lee Leonard, last week.

Frederick A. Neasham and Miss Nora Stewart, both of this place, were united in marriage at Alturas last week. May happiness and prosperity attend them is the wish of their many friends.

W. R. Conner, of the Travelers’ Home Hotel, made a trip to Chico last week and returned bringing with him Mrs. Brush and four daughters, who will spend the summer here. Mrs. Brush is the mother of Mrs. Conner and Miss Nora Brush, of this place.

Instead of being bitten by a calf, as stated in this paper last week, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. McConnell was bitten by a house cat. And we are informed that Mr. McConnell’s death was caused by tick fever and not from rabies, as previously stated.

Wednesday, July 19, 1922

Mrs. Kesner Perry underwent an operation for appendicitis at Dr. Coates’ Sanitarium last evening. Dr. Leithead of Lakeview came over to assist with the operation.

Mrs. Bertha Boggs, of Oil Dale, Kern County, arrived here some days ago on a visit to her mother, Mrs. Mary Hansen and brother, Chris Hansen, and her many friends are glad to see her again.

Frank Kaufman, Alturas’ efficient Town Marshal, was over last week. He wouldn’t tell us what he was over for, but it is bingo’s to doughnuts he was “laying” for a bootlegger, as he and Sheriff Poore have been successful in rounding up several wet members lately.

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Fisher (nee Miss Anita Garrett), and Harold Miller, of Westwood were here last Saturday and Sunday, visiting friends and relatives for a couple of days. They report business fine at Westwood and the mills are being run to their fullest capacity.

Wm G. Ballard is now sole proprietor of the Modoc Battery and Tire Co., and is located in the Modoc Auto Garage building at Alturas. He has a complete and up to date equipment and the public can rest assured that honest and first class work will be done. See his ad in this issue.

Claude Coonse was arrested last Wednesday, charged with killing a beef animal belonging to Roy Gooch, and is now in custody of the Sheriff, pending the raising of a $3000 bond. Ray Heard was at first accused of being implicated, but as he stated that he was employed by Coonse and knew nothing about the ownership of the steer, he was released from all connection with the affair. To say the least, it is very regrettable affair.

Fort Bidwell Items

Elsie and George Kober and Marie Baty returned home Friday from Oakland where they have been attending school. A friend of the Kobers came with them for a visit.

Miss Mary Conlan of this place went below for a serious operation a few weeks ago. We are glad to state that she is getting along nicely and will soon be home.

Born – At Dr. Coates’ Sanitarium, Cedarville, Cal., July 13, 1922, to Mr. and Mrs. Wm Smith, a son.

Captain Johnston, of Long Valley, was called to Seattle last week by the serious illness of his mother.

Born – At Cedarville, Cal., July 15, 1922, to Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Conner, a daughter – Wilma Frances Conner.

Mrs. Lemburger met with a painful accident last week while going along in the dark she made a misstep off the walk and cut her thumb badly on a board.

Wednesday, July 26, 1922

Josie Allenwood attempted to kick a Ford out of the way one day last week and slipped and fell and the blamed thing crawled up on his leg and camped; that is what the boy who was driving the Ford says, Josie says that the ford kicked him over when he stooped over to pick up a shovel. Anyway, the wheel of the car was lifted off his leg and he was uninjured.

Lake City News

Harvey Darst has a serious case of blood poisoning and went to Alturas for medical treatment.

George Toney and wife left for guano to work for Cressler Robinson.

Fulton Heard has made some neat repairs on his dwelling.

Fort Bidwell Items

Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Allenwood motored to Lakeview Friday. Mr. Allenwood has been suffering from stomach trouble and went over to see a doctor. Mrs. Anita Kafader went back to her home with them.

W. F. Robidoux, of Alviso, Calif., and son were visitors last week at the home of Mrs. Carrie Robidoux. Another gentleman was with them but we failed to get his name.

Mrs. Nora Street, Mrs. McDaniels, Miss Gay Delmas, and Tom Wylie made a hurried trip up here Wednesday afternoon.

Everett Eachus left for Reno last Sunday with his little daughter, whom he took there to have her eyes treated.

Guy Gooch was operated on at Dr. Coates’ Sanitarium last Sunday evening for appendicitis, and at this writing is getting along nicely.

Next Sunday evening memorial services will be held at the M. E. Church, in memory of Mrs. Minnie Kistler, who died at Berkeley on the 4th inst.

Miss Audrey Decious who has been visiting in Cedarville the past week, the guest of Miss Lavelle Wheeler, returned to her home at Bidwell last Sunday.

Herman Strassburger, of the Southern Pacific railroad, was here last week, looking after business interests. He could give us no information of the strike.

Born – At Goble, Oregon. July 16, 1922, to Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Link, (nee Miss Mertie Godfrey), a son – Wilbur Eugene Link, weight 8 ½ pounds.

Mrs. Wm Hatfield and daughter, Betty recently returned from a trip to the south, on their return they were accompanied by Mrs. Ferguson, a sister-in-law of Mrs. Hatfield, who will visit here for a time.

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