Surname -O- 1922 Watsonville California City Directory

The original manuscript contains an alphabetical list of streets and avenues with all the house numbers arranged in numerical order, followed by the name of the head of the household. We have changed the way this information reads, after all, you are looking for your ancestors name and do not need instructions to get to the residence which is probably no longer in existence.

Last NameFirst NameAddressHouse #Page #
ObermeyerJ. J.Main dividing street of city east and west5177
OblizaloPeterSixth v fr 701 Rodriguez6110
O'BrienWmMain dividing street of city east and west5457
O'BrienFrankRodriguez n fr W Lake 1 blk w of Main5019
ObyenGeo P.Carr s fr E lake av to 3d 2 blks E of Main322
Odd Fellows BldgThird E fr 400 Main17A11
OksenMrs. A.First w from 201 Main2243
OksenJ. L.First w from 201 Main2323
OlaveS. J.Main dividing street of city east and west639B8
O'LearyMary (Mrs)Second w fr 301 Main21510
OliverManuelFord w fr 700 Main1293
OliverFrankLincoln n fr river to city limits 4 blks e of Main4216
OliverJ. S.Sudden n fr 210 E Lake av 2 blks e of Main11910
OliverFrankUpper Main continuation fo Main st n fr No. 72791111
Oliver (barber)J. S.Main dividing street of city east and west2467
Oliver (barber)CarlMaple Av e fr 280 Main140C8
OlohanB.Brennan North682
Olsen (cigars)FredMain dividing street of city east and west4417
O'NealL. E.Ford w fr 700 Main1083
OppelG. E.Palm Ave e fr Brennan 1bld n of Fifth st123A9
Orchard Realty CoMain dividing street of city east and west3317
OrtaVictorCentral Av e fr 232 Main182
OrumFritzBockius e fr 215 Marchant251
OsbornB. A.Maple Av e fr 280 Main2008
OverhulserC. B.Van Ness Av (formerly Rodriguez) n fr river to Lake av 1 blk w of Main31612

Our thanks to Janece Carter Streig for contributing this database.

1922 Watsonville, Santa Cruz County, California City Directory

Source: Householders’ Guide of the City of Watsonville, Compiled and Published by Western Directory Co. Local Office: 9 Locust Street, Santa Cruz, Calif.


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