Surname -B- 1948 Directory Alturas California

This is the transcription of the June, 1948 City Directory that belonged to  Mr. Ballard, Modoc County Recorder. This directory includes  Lassen and  Modoc Counties and Sections of Plumas, Shasta and Tehama Counties.  This is only the town of Alturas. All entries are for June 1948.

Last NameFirst NameAddressTelephoneNumberPage #
B & N Business Service acctntLaird bldgBlack251


BaconF R Jrranch CanbyCall Long Distance1
BaconRussellr 1623 EastBlack13431
Bailey Clifton Ranch6-F-141
BaileyDwight LrBlack19411
BakerCecile M ins1023 CourtMain11311
BakerCecile Mr 1123 West CBlack5311
BakerLee R1405 W SecondBlack25821
BakerLee RFourthBlack10931
BakerPaul atty1023 CourtMain11321
BaldwinCharles S attyBank of America bldgBlack2521
BaldwinCharles Sr 911 CaldwellRed3111
Ball Tractor CoEastMain2311
BallardBertha GrBlack16931
BallardJ Lr EstesRed20721
BallardLoren Jrr FirstBlack5211
BallardLoren SrLakeview hwyBlack5611
BallardT Hr 1435 EastRed6521
BallardWilliam Gr 1028 EastBlack6231
BanisterM Fr 715 EighthBlack12511
Baniser Pumice Block FactoryCarlosRed26111
Bank of America NT & SA1031 MainMain7511
BarkerLouis J Jrr Armour AptsRed12141
BarkerLouis Srr EastBlack1811
BarkerPhillip JR West ABlack17221
BarnhartJamesSpanish CourtsRed25731
Barnhart's Service StationSecond & MainBlack24511
BarringtonB Er CarlosBlack3311
Barron & Sloss RanchParker Creek6-F-111
BaxterEarlr 634 ModocBlack6331
BeckJ Dr Third & WarnerRed24211
BegleyS D1614 W ThirdRed15431
BellG Ar9-F-311
BellNorrisr MainRed9311
BelliM Gr 1031 CarlosBlack3111
Bemmerly & Cooper Ranch(Chas Pratt)5-F-111
PrattChasBemmerly & Cooper Ranch5-F-111
Berkman's GroceryMain20911
Berrimac Motors1029 ModocMain21011
BerryDaler HendersonRed5121
Bingham Construction CompanyFourthRed14811
BlaserC H Mrsr 1605 FourthMain23911
BlevinsCecilJess Valley Line7-F-331
BlevinsJohnr Jess Valley Line7-F-321
Blue Mountain Lookout9-F-31
BlurtonC Lr 700 SixthBlack13021
BlurtonK Er MainBlack9721
BonhamArletta Rr FourthBlack12221
Bonner Electric1101 MainRed2711
Bonner ElectricGrace Mrsr 1140 West ABlack642
BouladeAnnar 1131 SecondRed18111
BoundsP KCarlosBlack3321
BowmanDale AFourthRed10921
BowmanRalph Wr First & EstesRed20711
BowmanWilliamJess Valley Line7-F-41
Boy Scout HallEastMain16122
BoydOrviller 1356 SecondRed5312
Boyd Orville Insofc Bank of America bldgRed2522
BoydR A Mrsr 846Black5722
Brass Rail TheLakeview hwyRed12812
BrayCora Mr SecondBlack17312
BrennanRayr 1615 ParkBlack13212
BrilesThomasr 1330 CourtBlack7432
BroadhurstW Dr W ThirdBlack27822
Bronson & Doyle908 MainMain23512
BrooksFloydJess Valley Line7-F-222
Brooks InsuranceMainRed23222
BrooksWalterranch Jess Valley Line7-F-202
BrooksZorar RiversideBlack24632
BrownGerald FParker Creek6-F212
BrownHoracer ModocBlack6222
Buck & Carls Sporting GoodsMainBlack8212
Buena Vista HotelW FourthMain14312
BullochR Lr EastRed5632
BunyardF MrRed9022
BurkeJerryr Redding hwyRed18632
BurnettGeo LForest Svc bldgBlack17932
BusheyRussellr Forest Service Line14-F-32

Our thanks to Janece Carter Streig for contributing this database.

1948 Directory, Alturas, Modoc County, California

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