Surname -W-Z- 1948 Directory Alturas California

This is the transcription of the June, 1948 City Directory that belonged to  Mr. Ballard, Modoc County Recorder. This directory includes  Lassen and  Modoc Counties and Sections of Plumas, Shasta and Tehama Counties.  This is only the town of Alturas. All entries are for June 1948.

Last NameFirst NameAddressTelephoneNumberPage #
WalkerV Jr Reno hwyRed1212


WalkerW Mr Estes AddRed13317
WallsAllanRanch Jess Valley Line7-F-57
WallsE Hr RiversideBlack9037
WallsT Ar 1420 East BRed12437
WalshPartick Hrch Pine Creek Line11-F-227
Walts Richfield Service StationMainRed10617
WatkinsCharles Tr MainRed8937
Watkins Grocery1710 MainMain19627
WeberPRanch Jess Valley Line7-F-37
WeidmanH PrMain6127
WeidmanW Mr MainMain6117
WeilmunsterC ASecondRed17317
WelchDorothy Mrsr MainRed24617
WelchGeorger MainBlack5737
WeldonL AR West ABlack15137
WenselFrankBerry AddBlack19817
Western StoresMainMain21917
Western Union Telegraph Co1120 MainMain29117
WhitakerRoy Hr E FourthRed14037
WhitcombW Br EastBlack1927
WhiteCabinCanbyCall Long Distance7
WhiteJackr Lakeview rdBlack22717
WhiteLoringr W SecondRed25617
White Pine Lumber CompanylmbrMain23717
White Pine Planing MillMain23727
WiednerKenneth LrBlack25437
WigleyWm RNo 20 Vets UnitRed24317
WillardE L Revr 704 RiversideBlack12127
WilliamsAnnar West CBlack3137
WilliamsEva B Mrsr 1353 SecondRed5327
WilliamsH Rr 1636 East BRed14537
WilliamsK Wr odocRed9527
WilliamsMargaretr 542 FirstBlack1227
WilliamsR Vr 1637 East BRed8717
WilliamsrobertRanch Pit river Valley Line CanbyCall Long Distance7
WilliamsonT LMainBlack3227
Willow Creek Ranch9-F-27
WilsonA Br FourthRed13517
WilsonChas Ar Berry AddRed4937
WilsonHarryr Berry AddRed14437
WilsonRose MSecondBlack8937
WilsonThad Mrs607 ModocBlack9537
Wilsons CabinsMainMain19617
WithrowE W MrsrBlack24237
WithrowElwood Earlr S MainBlack9317
WoodsHerbert1026 HendersonRed18427
WoodwardKarol ErRed25837
WoodwardP Ar 1235 West ARed15137
Woodward's Groceryofc First & CourtMain27317
Woodward's GroceryFirst & CourtMain3617
WordFrankr 1238 EastRed1927
WordMalcombr FirstBlack5227
WordenRay1216 CaldwellRed9237
WrightE MrRed18137
WrightH LrBlack4837
WurthElmerNo 19 Vets UnitBlack24327
WylieA Kr 917 RineMain21817
YankeeJimRanch Jess Valley Line7-F-407
YaribarrenManuel1214 ThirdRed8127
YatesMay L Mrsr CourtRed13717
YorkEdgar CEstesBlack4717
YoungG Guy InsMotors & AppliancesMain26317
YoungGuyr 1115 West ARed6437

Our thanks to Janece Carter Streig for contributing this database.

1948 Directory, Alturas, Modoc County, California

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