Surprise Valley Record for June 1922

Surprise Valley Record, Cedarville, Modoc County, California, June 1922

Wednesday, June 7, 1922

A pair of bootleggers visited Lake City last week. They were so generous with their jackass brandy that they took some to our Justice of the Peace, John Franklin. Mr. Franklin returned the compliment and gave the gentlemen a good night’s sleep in the city jail. Good enough, John, don’t let them sleep out when you have such a commodious place for them.

Lake City’s financial man, Mr. George Sweeney was in Cedarville one day last week attending to business.

Earn Dowden and family, were visiting in Lake City Sunday.

Wm Heard, Laurence and Vern Parman will commence shearing sheep this week at Parman’s Ranch.

Mrs. Robert Murdock is here from Gerlach on a visit to her sisters, Mrs. Lem Toney and Mrs. Heb Miller.

Little Bobby, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Peterson fell from a horse last Monday, breaking one of his arms.

Man Strief died at Lake City yesterday after a lingering illness from Bright’s Disease. Obituary next week.

Mr. and Mrs. S. V. Street returned last week from Chico, where they attended the Knights of Pythian and Pythian Sisters Grand Lodges.

Little Barbara Treudt of Bidwell is at the Sanitarium here, where she underwent an operation for appendicitis and is getting along nicely.

Wedding Bells
Last week we received the announcement of the marriage of Miss Marjorie Bonner, daughter of Mrs. J. H. Bonner, to Edward H. Towler, which event occurred at Berkeley, May 31st, 1922 Miss Margie was born here and spent her childhood days here and is of a sweet, sunny disposition that made her friends with all whom she came in contact, and the Record along with her many friends here extends hearty congratulations to the newly wedded couple and wish them a joyous and prosperous voyage as they travel along life’s pathway.

Caught With The Goods
Last Wednesday John Franklin arrested Frank Fulcher and James Baty at Lake City for violating the prohibition law, and they were taken before the Superior Court at Alturas and each fined $300. The former of the two paid most his fine and was given ten days to raise the balance and the latter in lieu of paying his fine is the guest of the county. We are sorry to hear that these men have gotten into trouble, but that is always the result for violating the law, and it will come to all who do so.

Mrs. J. T. Meredith, Jr., and little son and Miss Alice Triplett left last Wednesday for Kansas City. Dr. Tom Meredith accompanied them as far as Gerlach.

Mrs. R. M. Miller was down from Bidwell last week attending the funeral of her cousin, Mrs. Maude Durkee and visiting her father, Dan E. Royce.

Wednesday, June 14, 1922

Miss Katherine Hudspeth departed last Saturday for Bangor, where her father, A. D. Hudspeth now resides.

Mrs. Phyllis Peterson and two children arrived from Oakland last week and are visiting her aunt, Mrs. Aven Gaustad. Mrs. Peterson was Miss Phyllis Lowe before marriage.

Mrs. H. Blunt and daughter, Gladys from Fandango Valley were here on a visit at the home of her brother, George Stiner and family.

Tuesday evening John Franklin arrested two bootleggers and nineteen quarts of liquor was found in their car and they were escorted to Alturas by Sheriff Poore. That should be a warning to some that Lake City is not asleep and that the unexpected may happen.

Dr. Kennedy was called to see Mrs. J. F. Cole, who is very poorly. Mrs. Alfred DeWitt is here to assist in caring for her.

A.B. Franklin of Alturas is here on a visit to his son, John and family.

The P. T. A. met at the schoolhouse Friday, the 2nd of June at 2 p.m. Those present were Mesdames Minnie Heard, Lena Heard, Hester Hutchinson, Ida Strief, Jane Jones, Noy McDaniels and Lizzie Wimer.

Grover Allen and wife will leave for Turlock, Nev., where they expect to make their home. We wish them success.

Mr. Jim Hawkins, accompanied by his mother came here last Saturday and spent the night at Mrs. Daniels and Sunday all went on a fishing trip.

Born – Near Eagleville, Cal., May 21, 1922, to Mr. and Mrs. John C. Ennis, daughter – Fannie Carmelita Ennis

R. H. Dachner and wife and baby, of Berkeley, arrived here last week and are visiting our fellow townsman, Wm Fenwick, father of Mrs. Dachner.

Wm Haws and Miss Elmore Stewart, of this place were married at the Baptist parsonage at Alturas on June 5th, 1922. May happiness and prosperity attend them.

Miss Esther Lee and Miss Emma Fryhofer left for the lower country yesterday. Both have taught several terms in the high school here and their many friends regret to see them go, as it is understood that they will not return.

Jay Smith and wife and John ward of Buffalo Meadows were here last week and went on to Bidwell to visit old time friends there. As usual, they were looking out for Nevada’s share of taxes but all the same, old time friends were glad to see them again.

Some one entered Mr. Hank Simson’s house one day last week and stole his best shirt and two sets of new underclothing. A couple of weeks ago some one stole a sleeping bag and a set of tools auto repair from L. A. Wheeler. It is too bad that we have some light fingered gentry in our midst.

Norman Benner and wife arrived here form Oakland last Friday. For the past four years they have been residing at the above named place, but will now make their home in Cedarville, and we understand that Mrs. Benner has accepted a position in the Surprise Valley Bank, and Mr. Benner will be with the Surprise Roller Mill Co.

Wednesday, June 21, 1922

Ed Phillips is visiting his sister, Mrs. C. D. Kafader for a few days.

E. A. Peterson went after his three children Friday afternoon, who have been attending school at Berkeley all winter. Clayton Lowell and Thelma Peterson returned with them.

Mrs. Millie McAfee is visiting her sister, Mrs. Boyd Peterson this week.

We unintentionally omitted to mention the commencement exercises that were held here on the 9th inst. The hall was well filled on that occasion and Hon. F. J. Powers delivered a splendid address to the graduating class. Those graduates were; Jennie Foskett, Odessa Strief, Edna Russell, Nellie Strief, Joe Dollarhide, Bert Reeder and Ival Barber. The very best wishes of their many friends follow the young people through life.

Clarence K. Studley, a Big Valley raised boy, and for the past several years Vice President of the Chico Normal School, seems to be one of the boys of northern rural districts that is making good. He was recently appointed to the faculty of summer session of the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, for special field work in geology and geography of the Appalachian mountains of Kentucky and Tennessee. While Clarence is a near relative of the Record’s, we must say that he is a tough character, for about twenty years ago he rode a bicycle from Lakeview here, played a game of baseball here in the afternoon and that evening motored on down to Adin on his bicycle, and if he follows out that line of conduct in educational institutions it is hard to tell where he will arrive at.

Prof. Rose and wife and Mrs. Wm Mullins left last week, the former going to Berkeley and the latter to San Jose, on a visit. The many friends of Miss Mary Mullins are pleased to know that she graduates today from the State Normal School at San Jose, and also that she has accepted a position as kindergarten teacher in the Alturas School.

Ed Van Dorn suffering from a badly mashed finger, the wound being received while repairing an auto.

The School election notices, notice to creditors in the estate of E. P. Strief, final proof notice of Melissa Jones, deceased, and the ad of the Western Pacific railroad appears elsewhere in this issue.

The little seven-year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Harriman, of Long Valley was thrown from a horse last Saturday and seriously injured, and it is feared that his skull is fractured. He was brought to Dr. Coates Sanitarium here for treatment.

Dr. M. R. Kennedy and family leave here next Saturday for a month’s vacation at the old home place of the Dr.’s boyhood days, in Long Valley, Lake County, California, where they will visit his mother and brother and return in about a month.

Wednesday, June 28, 1922

James Patterson started up the rock crusher last Monday and will finish up the contract for surfacing the road over Cedar Pass. In many places, where the crushed rock was put on last fall the road is very rough and should have a “binder” put on it so that it would pack.

Miss Alta Wilson and Owen Miller, both of Lake City were married at Alturas last week at the Baptist parsonage. May prosperity and happiness attend them through life.

The obituary of E. P. Strief was received too late for this issue, but will appear next week.

George H. Knight, one of the pioneer businessmen of Modoc died recently at Medford, Oregon, and his remains were taken to Adin for interment. He was one of Nature’s noblemen, and a host of sincere friends regret deeply to hear of his death.

Olin Barber of Eagleville and Miss Grace Mullen were married some days ago, somewhere in the southland and returned here last Thursday. The groom is a sturdy farmer of Eagleville, and the bride taught school during the past several years at Eagleville. Their many friends wish them happiness and prosperity through life.

Artesian Wells
A week or so ago the Gloster Bros. sunk and artesian well on the Slinkard ranch, near Eagleville, and at a depth of 247 feet got a flow of sixty gallons per minute. Last week they secured a flow of 20 gallons per minute at a depth of 146 feet on the Smalls Bros. ranch just east of town.

Visits Old Home
Norman Buck, who resided here for about forty-five years but a resident of Whittier for the past nine years, accompanied by his daughter, Miss Ruby, arrived here last week on a short visit to friends and relatives. He states that his wife was unable to make the trip here this summer owing to illness. They are looking well and their many friends are very glad to see them again.

Bill Smith, accompanied by Mrs. A. Smith (nee Moda Page) arrived here last week from Oakland.

Reese Hawkins and wife of Lakeview were down last week visiting Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Hawkins.

Born – Near Cedarville, Cal., June 22, 1922, to the wife of Jacob Rechsteiner, a daughter.

D. C. Berry, who was seriously hurt in an auto accident, is reported as getting along nicely.

Norman Miller, sporting editor of the Plaindealer was over last Thursday and made us a pleasant visit.

Auble Keeney arrived here last week from Los Angeles, where he has been attending school the past winter, and is visiting his mother, Mrs. Maud Keeney.

Miss Dorothy Rinehart, who has been attending the State Normal School at San Jose returned home last week and will spend her vacation with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Rinehart.

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