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Yankee Jims, Placer County, California

Gold was first discovered at Yankee Jim’s by Yankee Jim, a Sydneyite, who built a corral in 1849 upon the fiat or bench of land where the town afterwards was located, and now stands. The name, Yankee Jim’s, has often...

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Virginia, Placer County, California

A sketch of this enterprising mining town cannot be written in detail without re-stating many similar points described in the sketch of Gold Hill. Both towns being contemporaneous in time of discovery and settlement, a history...

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Todd’s Valley, Placer County, California

Todd’s Valley was first settled by Dr. Todd, who built a log house for a store and hotel, on the site of his present residence, at his ranch in the lower suburbs of the town, in June, 1849. The location at that time was...

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Tanyards, Placer County, California

In our general statistics of the county, we purposely omitted giving any notice of this branch of the mechanical pursuits of the people of the county, as we intended to give the only tanyard in the county more than a passing...

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Sons of Temperance of Placer County, California

Virginia Temple Of Honor, No.15 was organized in Gold Hill, on the 12th day of April 1855, by Ben. E. S. Ely, D. G. W. T., with 16 charter members. The present officers are: J. A. Bond – W. C. T. Wm. Hilton – W. V....

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Rattlesnake, Placer County, California

The village of Rattlesnake is situated on a beautiful flat, on the North Fork of the American River, about seven miles below Auburn. It is located near Manhattan, Horseshoe and Rattlesnake Bars. The mines in the channel, banks...

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Placer County, California History

The first settlements in Placer County were made at an early period of the golden era, and many places became famous for the rich gold deposits discovered in their vicinity. In the summer of 1848, the principal tributaries of...

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