County Officers, 1861 Placer County, California

County Officers

County JudgeE. H. Vandecar
SheriffL. L. Bullock
ClerkH. Gooding
County RecorderW. A. Selkirk
District AttorneyJo. Hamilton
TreasurerE. M. Banvard
CoronerJames Platt
Public AdministratorRufus Smith
Superintendent of Public SchoolsH. S. Greenwood

District Court, Eleventh Judicial District.

Hon. B. F. Myres, Judge. Meets at Auburn on the second Monday in January, April and July, and the third Monday in October.

County Court. Hon. E. H. Vandecar, Judge. Meets on the fourth Monday in January, April and July, and third Monday in October.

Court of Sessions. Hon. E. H. Vandecar, presiding Judge; A. S. Grant and Samuel M. Jamison, associates. Meets on the second Monday in September, and the fourth Mondays in January and May.

Supervisors. District No. 1, S. B. Woodin; District No. 2, W. H. Patton; District No. 3, Michael Fannon.

Town Authorities Of Auburn

Trustees. Hiram R. Hawkins, President ; E. W. Hillyer, Moses Andrews ; Amos Gove, Tabb Mitchell.

Marshal, John C. Baggs; Treasurer, Julius P. Brooks; Clerk, A. S. Grant; Assessor, T. B. Hotchkiss.

Township Officers

Township No. 1.Collector, G. L. Grilley; Assessor, J. D. Pratt; Justices of the Peace, G. M. Greer and P. H. Hall; Constables, W. Van Meter and N. W. Shepherd; Road Commissioners, Thos. Dudley, J. C. Hampton, and James Hovey.

Township No. 2. Collector, Daniel Choate; Assessor, T. Goodrich; Justices of the Peace, S. Reno and W. R. Curtis; Constables, T. A. Wright and John T. Owens; Road Commissioners, F. W. Henn, G. Perry and J. P. Hopper.

Township No. 3. Collector, John Connor; Assessor, George Russell; Justices of the Peace, A. S. Grant and Wm. Sexton; Constables, Wm..Osborne and Geo. H. Merrill; Road Commissioners, Wm. Turner, A. C. Neill and L. E. Miller.

Township No. 4. Collector, N. W. Blanchard; Assessor, A. B. Gallatin; Justices of the Peace, H. Fellows and J. Brown; Constables, Jacob Keck and James T. Mathewson; Road Commissioners, A. Lowell, W. C. Richmond and E. J. Brickell.

Township No. 5. Collector, J. L. Sanborn; Assessor, M. M. Crary; Justices of the Peace, A. B. Brown and S. M. Jamison; Constables, A. C. Haskell and W. H. Blank ; Road Commissioners, W. H. Hardy, Wm. Duck and A. A. Pond.

Township No. 6. Collector, E. Barrett; Assessor, D. Spear; Justices of the Peace, W. W. Cunningham and Wm. Cory; Constables, Robert Kennedy and J. D. McCormic; Road Commissioners, M. A. Powers, Wm. M. Leet i and R. A. McDonald.

Township No. 7. Collector, Jacob Neff; Assessor, C. P. Reno; Justices of the Peace, Wm. Van Vactor and W. H. Davis; Constables, E. B. Priest and A. P. Cole; Road Commissioners, C. O. Trask, Lewis Smitzer, and S. L. Irish.

Township No. 8. Collector, Jack Hyland; Assessor, R. C. McConnell; Justices of the Peace, E. H. Snyder and J. B. Van Zandt; Constables, G. Ward and W. McPherson; Road Commissioners, P. G. Hyland, E. S. Tracy and C. J. Parker.

Township No. 9. Collector, John White; Assessor, G. C. Newman; Justices of the Peace, S. J. Ray and E. Cook; Constables, S. C. Shaw and George W. Grew; Road Commissioners, E. H. Logan, D. Perkins and C. B. Harlan.

Township No. 10. Collector, James Stewart; Assessor, John Bristow; Justices of the Peace, James Beck and Titus Ewin; Constables J. Davidson and T. Spofford.

Placer County Post Offices

Post OfficePost Master
Neilsburgh J. C. Neil
LisbonG. W. Applegate
IllinoistownB. Brickell
RattlesnakeD. S. Beach
Dutch FlatChas. Seffens
Mountain SpringsH. A. Brown
Iowa CityS. N. Cabin
Forest HillR. Parkhurst
Michigan BluffF. S. Washeim
Grizzly Bear HouseEd. C. Faskett
Yankee Jim’sWm. Duck
OphirvilleD. Choate
VirginiaA. W. Lyons
AuburnR. Gorden
DamascusT. Moreland

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