I. O. O. F Lodges of Placer County, California

Olive Lodge No. 81
Instituted December 8, A. D. 1858; meets in Masonic Hall each Wednesday night; number of members, 36.
Officers of present term:
L. Gross – N. G.
Jno. Boke – V. G.
B. F. Moore – R. Secretary.
M. Davis – Per. Secretary.
R. Hudepohl – Treasurer.
Rev. T. H. Mcgrath – Chaplain.
N. W. Blanchard – Past Grands
P. B. Holmes – Past Grands
A. Hart – Past Grands
E. B. Boust – Past Grands

Auburn Lodge, No. 7, I. O. O. F.
Instituted October 2, 1852; night of meeting, Saturday; number of members, 70; location of Hall, Washington Street, Auburn; brick building; cost of Hall, fitting up and furnishing, $5,000.
Officers of present term:
A. B. Woodin – N. G.
G. T. Palmer – V. G.
E. I. Tuttles – R. S.
Isaac B. Leach – P. S.
H. Stone – Treasurer
J. L. Browne – J. P. G.
H. Hazell – D. D. G. M. of District No. 4.
H. Hazell – Trustees
Thos. Jamison – Trustees
Jacob Feldberg – Trustees

Auburn Encampment, No.20, I. O. O. F.
Instituted July 10, 1860; nights of meeting, first and third Tuesdays of each month; number of members, 18.
Officers of present term:
B.D.Woodin – C. P.
T. B. Harper – H. P.
J. Langdon – S. W.
N. Dodsworth – J. W.
W. Towle – Scribe.
C. T. Palmer – Treasurer.
J. L.Browne – P. C. P.
H. Hazell – P. H. P.

Odd Fellows’ Library Association,
organized. January 1861; present number of volumes about 100, and about $100 in Library Fund. Library Committee: J. L. Browne, H. Hazell, Wm. Towle. This Association is not confined exclusively to the members of the order, but will be accessible to all persons, on liberal terms. At present located in Odd Fellows’ Hall.

Minerva. Lodge, NO. __, I. O. O. F.
Todd’s Valley, was instituted March 20, 1856.
The officers for the present term are:
W, H. Ball – N. G.
J. B. Russell – V. G.
Willet Wakeman – Secretary
A. B. Brown – P. S.
J. R. Willy – Treasurer.

Three Pillar Encampment, No. 16
I. 0. 0. F., at Todd’s Valley, was instituted January 10, 1859.
Officers for present term:
H. Long – C. P
H. M. Constable – S. W.
J. B. Russell – Scribe.
Ugo Gobel – Treasurer.
N. Baker – J. W.

I. O. O. F of G. T.

New Year Lodge, No. 14
Instituted December 27, 1860 by D. S. Cutter, D. G. W. C. T. Time of meeting, every Wednesday evening, in Sons of Temperance Hall, Auburn; number of members, 31. Officers of the present term:
R. C. Poland – W. C. T.
Mrs. H. J. Crandall – W. V. T.
H. Hazell – W. R. S.
B. R. Wells – W. T.
Mrs. Minnie French – W. F. S.
Mrs. A. E. Guiou – D. D. G. W. C. T.

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