Sons of Temperance of Placer County, California

Virginia Temple Of Honor, No.15
was organized in Gold Hill, on the 12th day of April 1855, by Ben. E. S. Ely, D. G. W. T., with 16 charter members.
The present officers are:
J. A. Bond – W. C. T.
Wm. Hilton – W. V. T.
H. W. Starr – W. R.
H. Green – W. A. R.
J. Morris – W. F. R.
I. J. Underwood – W. T.
L. E. Harris – W. W
W. M. Witters – W. D. W.
E. Ross – W. G.
A. P. Hendon – W. S.
Whole number of members 24.

Auburn Division, No. 25, S. of T.
Instituted October 24, 1859; time of Meeting, every Friday evening; location of Hall, on the hill near the Court House; number of members, 25; cost of building and furnishing, about $475; building wood.
Officers for the present quarter:
J. R. C Randall – W. P.
S. G. Elliott – W. A.
H. Hazell – R. S.
Wm. K. Parkinson – A. R. S.
Charles Bayard – F. S.
C. W. Finley – Treasurer.
Thomas Jamison – P. W. P.
J. R. Crandall – D. D. W. P.

Ben Franklin Division, No. 212,
meets in Masonic Hall each Friday night organized November 14, 1859; number of members, 75.
Officers Of the present quarter:
N. W. Blanchard – W. P.
M. H. Calderwood – W. A.
Geo. Cassiday – R. S.
J. L. Herbert – A. R. S.
N. Menting – F. S.
J. S. Colgrove – Treasurer.
R. Speak – C.
J. H. Burke – A. C.
Henry Lilly – I. G.
A. Brander – O. G.
T. H. Mcgrath – Chaplain.
W. H. Harriman – A. P. W. P.
H. Davis – D. D. W. P.

Todd’s Valley Division, No. 111, S. of T.
Geo. Gray – W. P.
Wm. Houston – W. A.
P. Y. Baker – R. S.
C. Marks – A. R. S.
A. Longly – Treasurer.
B. Woodard – C.
S. Johnson – A. C.
Wm. Brown – Chaplain.

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